Evening water trek

3 12 2018

Tenaz; Brumley Point

There’s water in them there folds. Really. I promise. 🙂


Black ‘n white ‘n sunshine

2 11 2018

Corazon; Brumley Point

Corazon the quietly handsome would rather not have his nap interrupted. 🙂

Lined out

18 03 2018

Kwana's band; Round Top, Brumley Point

Taking a walk for water with Round Top and Brumley Point in the background. The ponies do have some pretty nice scenery. 🙂 We all wish it was wetter.


28 02 2018

Shadow; Brumley Point

Ahead of the second snowfall – and after – we’ve had some wind. The thirsty ground is slurping the moisture as desperately as you’d imagine.


Better than Hollywood

22 02 2018


All the glamour … none of the drama. Or red carpets. 🙂 He prefers four-wing saltbush and galleta grass anyway.

Dad bod

3 02 2018

Comanche; Brumley Point

Comanche has a few offspring. Apparently, that “middle-age creep” happens to all of us. 🙂

Some of what we need

13 01 2018

Reya; Brumley Point

We got a little rain and a little snow. We’re very grateful for both.

Our prayers are with California, suffering now under devastating mudslides after the ravaging fires.