12 09 2017

Aurora, Brumley Point

Aurora wanders through tall grass shortly after sunset.

Ho hum. Just another not-starving mustang enjoying her not-destroyed home range.



In living color

28 07 2017

Rain over the La Sal Mountains at sunset.

Rain at sunset over Utah’s La Sal Mountains, looking to the northwestish – golden rain.


And looking to the eastish across Spring Creek Basin to McKenna Peak, Temple Butte, Brumley Point and beyond … pink rain.

Mother Nature has a pretty amazing palette out here in the wide, wild, beautiful world. 🙂

Little handsome

14 07 2017

Maiku; Temple Butte and Brumley Point

Maiku struck a handsome pose just below some icons just after some (more) rain. 🙂

Third-day-in a-row rain.

It’s mahhhhhhhvelous, dahlings!

I think it’s already greener.

Easily beautiful

7 07 2017

Alegre and Houdini

Spring Creek Basin’s cover girls: Alegre and Houdini.

Alegre might have gotten a little dusty between model takes, but gosh. Gorgeous!

Deep, dark blue is the color of a teasing sky

3 07 2017

Sundance, Brumley Point

Yes, those are stormy clouds in the background, beyond Brumley Point and Sundance.

Lightning strikes caused at least two fires well south of the basin (called in) … and a few drops of rain fell across a seemingly isolated band of area in lower Disappointment Valley but, as far as I could tell, none in Spring Creek Basin. But maybe we’re getting closer to more widespread drops (though not according to the forecast).

If you’re camping and/or celebrating our nation’s Independence Day, please be careful.

Assessments, Day 2

22 06 2017

Yesterday was Day 2 of the Land Health Assessment in Spring Creek Basin.

Yep, it was hot. Yep, the gnats were still bad (but yours truly remembered her head net).

Mike Jensen, Justin Hunt and Nate West were back to assess more of Spring Creek Basin’s land health. We did some great sites, and a couple of them were higher, which allowed for great views!


BLM range management specialist Mike Jensen and range tech Justin Hunt walk a site in Spring Creek Basin with views of McKenna Peak and Temple Butte.


At the end of each site assessment, Justin and Mike took pix in two directions for future comparisons.


We don’t have many trees in Spring Creek Basin, so many of the sites were the wide-open places (as in the photos above). But we had a couple of sites that were in pinon-juniper woodlands. This site (and the one pictured above) had really great grass.


And then we headed uphill for our last site of the day.

Spring Creek Basin

Which led to an amazing view. Straight ahead is Brumley Point, and at the farthest left is one side of McKenna Peak.


Those who go up must go down! Especially when the truck is at the bottom. 🙂


Big thanks to BLM’s Mike Jensen, Justin Hunt and Nate West for persevering on these hot days to assess the land health of Spring Creek Basin. Again, as far as I can tell, we’re in pretty good shape.

Horny toad held by BLM wildlife biologist Nate West in Spring Creek Basin.

We think this little guy (gal?) might agree. 🙂


Hazy, lazy days

20 06 2017


Hot days ahead. We have relief and cooler temps at night, but sunlight hours are toasty

Stay cool out there, folks.