Shadows above and below

12 07 2020

Shadow keeps an eye on her band, drinking in the arroyo below, and on the photographer. Just in case, you know, *something*.

After the rain

7 06 2020

The news of the day in Disappointment Valley is RAIN.

The addendum is WIND.

But we still got rain. 🙂 It soaked in pretty much immediately, but there were a few puddles in places that the wind couldn’t suck up immediately.

Houdini, Alegre and Maia took advantage of the rain and damp ground to get in some good, wriggly rolls.

Wild, home

5 06 2020

What stories can this guy tell? 🙂 Handsome Storm is the strong, silent type.

Rain dance

3 06 2020

Terra looks like she could be doing the basin shuffle, enticing the rain to fall over us in Spring Creek Basin? Maybe if we all join her, we might feel the moisture. 🙂


31 05 2020

Kwana had a little chat with another stallion, then made a bee-line back to his mares, who moved away from the source of conflict … at his very direct request.

We had some very promising clouds, especially toward evening. The wind picked up, the radar showed lovely green … and not a drop fell in the real world. Yep, it’s still dry.

Across the top

23 05 2020

The day I took this pic was yet another red-flag-warning day (strong winds, low humidity, warm temps – ripe for high fire danger), but Gaia looks unruffled as she follows the band while grazing along the top of a hill.

Gaia emerged from winter looking a bit lean and scruffy, but with a diet of even sparse spring greens, she’s looking very healthy.

On we go

30 04 2020


Maiku gallops back to his band (he’s a lieutenant) after a chat with another stallion. That’s prominent Brumley Point in the background.

We’re warm and dry and doing socially distanced dances for rain!

All one

25 04 2020


In the magic of the light we all share, from the same radiant source, aren’t we all the same rich colors after all?


23 04 2020


Killian shows off his home on the range.

It looks inviting, doesn’t it? 🙂

Light before wet

24 03 2020


This …


and this …


led to a little of this yesterday afternoon. 🙂 Note the rain in the background. We did get a little dampness.