Lit just right

25 05 2022

For exactly 1.7 seconds, Corazon looked up from his grazing against the sunset sky … and then he went back to grazing.

If you’re ready, you’re ready. If you’re not, it’s just a memory. … A good one, but harder to share. 🙂

Framed by flowers

24 05 2022

Mr. Aspen is one of our oldest oldsters these days. He’s hanging out with a (much) younger bachelor, and they’re pretty content to wander and graze and stay out of trouble … and mostly far from roads. He also likes to keep his distance from most humans. Because of that, it’s been a while since Aspen has made an appearance on the blog. Too long, I’m sure at least one follower will agree. 😉

On the fly

23 05 2022

The girls (Dundee, Aiyanna and Rowan) were feeling frisky with some cooler temperatures, and Buckeye was having a bit of a frustrating time keeping his young ladies in line. They ran one way, then started coming back around. I thought they were going to disappear below the rim of the hill, but then I realized they were coming up and would line up right past McKenna Peak and Temple Butte! I fumbled with the window control and barely got it down to raise my camera to my eye and try to focus as the girls thundered past.

I’m pretty stoked that the lovelies were in pretty nice focus. 🙂

(Randomly, this pic of our Sand Wash Basin beauties was NOT taken the same day as the pic yesterday. Because of other, more timely pix, I kept pushing the one that ran yesterday back on the schedule. This pic above, I took just a couple of days ago. 🙂 I thought about pushing IT back on the schedule … but really, you can’t go wrong highlighting these young lovelies, even on back-to-back days!)

Three beauties

22 05 2022

So beautiful … and very nearly all shed out of their winter cloaks!

Tantivy goes the cry!

21 05 2022
interjection [tan-tiv-ee ]
at full gallop: to ride tantivy.

An apt description of Maia on the run. 🙂

And far from being “half-grey,” this girl went for the full-immersion experience!

Wild as wind

20 05 2022

The windy days are kinder to mustang locks than human locks. Or maybe Maiku and the others just rock the windswept look better. 🙂 I’m sure we’ll all be glad for the next rain shower … !

Better together

19 05 2022

Lovely Alegre and Houdini … so long together. Beautiful best friends – BBFs. 🙂

Closer for curiosity’s sake

18 05 2022

A closer look at that magnificent braid. 🙂


17 05 2022

Before too awful long, Spirit will step on that awfully (wondrously) long dreadlock and leave the whole strand lying on the basin ground, draped over shadscale or tangled in sage. Maybe the birds will use it to line their nests (though nest building may already be on the wane now?). Maybe I’ll find it on some future hike and wonder at the stories it could tell, the gusting spring wind and cool pond water, growing and growing and giving uniqueness to its bearer … until gone from its host and finding new life with other creatures. … The tangled web – or mane – of life.

Super flower blood moon eclipse!

16 05 2022

The full moon rises last night from beyond McKenna Peak and Temple Butte … already in the first phase of its lunar eclipse.

Our planet is just pretty damn cool. With an also super (get it) cool and awesome moon. 🙂