Friends for lunch

29 02 2016



Gleaming Copper-boy was watching a pair of mule deer does work their way down a hillside opposite the arroyo in the direction he’s looking.

All that lovely snow is largely gone now, but we’re still reaping the benefits of the moisture.

Her own shades of white

28 02 2016

Piedra, Temple Butte


Lovely Piedra and our fabulous Temple Butte. Really, how lucky are we to have such amazing landmarks to photograph behind our stunning mustangs? 🙂

Not feelin’ the love

27 02 2016

Balloons in arroyo in Spring Creek Basin.


What the …?!

Balloons in arroyo in Spring Creek Basin.


This isn’t even the first cluster of balloons friend Kat Wilder or I have found in Disappointment Valley *this year* – as amazing as that might be to believe. When I first started wandering the hinterlands, I’d find a couple a year. Now, it’s as bad as finding four or five a year.

And yes, that’s water under the balloons – and horses are drinking there (or trying to).

Friends don’t let friends release balloons!

S’aka under Temple

26 02 2016



This photo was taken after some periods of blowing snow and before the snow that started to turn the ground damp (melting on contact; it wasn’t until later that the snow started to stick). Shaggy little boy S’aka is adapted for winter winds and snow.

Three on the far hill

25 02 2016



Now that the snow that blanketed our region a couple of days ago is nearly completely gone, it’s misleading to continue to post snowy pix, but bear with me for one more of handsome Killian. 🙂

Silver bullets

24 02 2016



Disappointment Valley and Spring Creek Basin got at least 3 inches of snow from the crazy little system that came through the other day. And a day later … it’s nearly all gone again. If such moisture would appear as semi-regularly as that, we’d be in good shape! As it is, we’re so grateful for the additional moisture. You can literally hear it seeping into the ground!

Seneca and her pals are very fuzzy yet. We still have some winter before us!

Ask and …

23 02 2016

… ye shall receive!


Happy dance! (That was me. … Reya neither confirmed nor denied her happiness at the snowstorm in Spring Creek Basin.)


22 02 2016

Full moon rising above Temple Butte and Brumley Point.


The mustangs were just out of the frame to the left. 🙂

The “snow moon” – February’s full moon – rises tonight.

Into view

21 02 2016


That snow? It’s pretty much gone. February feels like April … but we heard that we may get lucky in the snow department again in early March. Here’s hoping, hoping, hoping! Seneca and Killian already are using branches to ease itchy coats.

We need all the winter moisture we can get because we never know what the rest of the year will bring.

Blue boy

20 02 2016



Comanche concentrated only on defense of his family from Chrome’s half-hearted challenge. But he looked awfully good doing it!