31 01 2022

With the light and color, Seneca almost seems camouflaged, eh? Except that she’s much too beautiful to simply “blend in”!

Long may they roam

30 01 2022

You might see an out-of-focus mustang, but I see a representation of all our mustangs in Spring Creek Basin against a backdrop of Disappointment Valley with Utah’s La Sal Mountains on our northwestern horizon. The farthest background isn’t wandered by mustangs, but it’s wild land, just like Spring Creek Basin, and it’s home.

Sunset saunter

29 01 2022

Dundee, Rowan and Aiyanna, our Sand Wash Basin beauties, are very much at home in Spring Creek Basin. They’re still with their stallion, Buckeye, who is a laidback kinda guy.

No ‘shade’ on this girl

28 01 2022

Doesn’t she have the sweetest face and prettiest eyes? So engaged and curious.

While she and her bandsisters were in the shade of the hill that falls northward from the rimrocks, Temple Butte and McKenna Peak and Spring Creek Basin’s eastern ridges were still lit by the setting sun.

Winter shine

27 01 2022

Just a coupla beautiful mustang girls, napping in the winter sunlight. 🙂 Piedra and Kestrel have been friends since Piedra was young and Kestrel even younger (a baby!). They haven’t always been in the same band, but they have been for the last several years.

Winter glow

26 01 2022

Glowy, glowy pretty girls Mariah and Winona in their winter finery. Well, not much else need be said!

Little guy, big heart

25 01 2022

This is a short throwback on the calendar – 10 days or so. McKenna Peak doesn’t have nearly that much snow on it anymore. We’re closing in on a January with only one day of snow – the first day of the month/year – and nothing since then.

But does Corazon worry about it? Nope. He’s probably glad to not slog through the hoof-sucking mud. 🙂

What lies beneath

24 01 2022

This pond is quite a bit bigger than this limited view from the camera shows. Most of it is covered in ice right now, and the horses are drinking from the very edge, which thaws a bit during the day. They help it along by pawing at it to get to the liquid beneath the ice.

It’s one of the most scenic ponds in the basin. 🙂

Always the focus

23 01 2022

Raven likes to hide behind other ponies. But there’s no hiding that clever sparkle in her eye!

Wishing for a white winter

22 01 2022

Well, we got nary a single, solitary flurry, which was a really terrible disappointment. Piedra and the mustangs, living in the mild moments, probably aren’t too upset, but I’m already worried about our summer water.