Together girls

21 05 2018

Mariah and Winona

Besties Mariah and Winona.

Mares are the glue that hold bands together.


A little golden evening, a little peace

20 05 2018

Comanche's band

Comanche’s band grazes quietly as long shadows ease across Spring Creek Basin.

It’s a beautiful place to be wild and free.

This, our beautiful world

19 05 2018


Comanche at sunset.

We are ALWAYS grateful for the gifts of our wild world. 🙂

Face the wind

18 05 2018


This is how we all feel lately.

Storm just looks the most handsome while doing it. 🙂


Water update

17 05 2018

Comanche at the new catchment trough.

Comanche and his band have found the “new” catchment trough (where we installed the apron and new trough two summers ago and the evaporation cover last fall).

The horses have two ponds and the two catchments as water sources, as well as numerous (if not high quality) seeps in various arroyos throughout the basin. Our BLM herd manager (Mike Jensen) is committed to closely watching the drought situation (we’re in the D4 category now – exceptional drought). Our awesome water hauler (Steve Heath) is able to pump water directly into the storage tanks. In the next week or so, we’ll be scouting locations that his water truck can reach to pump water into big troughs – supplied by BLM – elsewhere in the basin if conditions warrant.

Local ranchers have been hauling water continuously already this spring because it’s so dry.

And that wind – that howling, awful wind – is leaching away the moisture we don’t have, day after day.

It’s tough, folks, for wildlife and for livestock, and certainly not only in Disappointment Valley. That said, please know that the mustangs do not seem to be stressed. They have decent forage, as well as water sources, and they’re well dispersed throughout their range, not sticking to certain places as they would if they were stressed about sustenance/water.

Members of Disappointment Wild Bunch Partners are monitoring conditions closely, and the Colorado chapter of the National Mustang Association has offered to help pay for water deliveries to Spring Creek Basin.

We are so grateful (as always) to our Tres Rios BLM guys for being committed to the well-being of our mustangs!


16 05 2018


Chipeta followed her band out of an arroyo when another band came to the edge.

See the white on the ground below her? That’s salt, courtesy of our alkaline soil.

Just stop already!

15 05 2018


The wind has been brutal. Juniper doesn’t seem to mind, but the humans are getting restless.