Grateful every day

31 08 2015


“And now every day, every day
I wake up grateful
It’s a choice I make, every day
To keep it simple
And when come what may tries to shake my faith
At the end of the day I give it away
And lay my head down
And I wake up grateful.”

~ Templeton Thompson, “Wake Up Grateful”

Every single day, I wake up grateful for this life and those in it who give me every reason to be grateful.

With so much love and gratitude,



30 08 2015


Does any mustang ever have a bad hair day? Or are they always completely perfect, in all their windblown beauty?

Yeah, pretty much the latter. 🙂

Isn’t master Maiku a handsome boy?

Taking the long view

29 08 2015


Jadi seems to enjoy the view as much as we did! Brumley Point in the background.

Mustangs don’t disappoint

28 08 2015


Chrome looks back toward another band during a pause in his return to his own band. That’s stately Brumley Point in the background. It straddles the basin’s southeastern boundary.

Our cameras were clicking like crazy as Spring Creek Basin’s own “Fabio” paused like a model in the middle of that stunning background. Cameras belonged to American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign Director Suzanne Roy and Colorado advocate Jen M. They were in the area to visit Mesa Verde National Park’s wild horses, and we were so thrilled to welcome them to Spring Creek Basin to see our own gorgeous mustangs!

Kat Wilder takes pix of Suzanne Roy and Jen Maramonte with Chrome's band in Spring Creek Basin, Disappointment Valley, Colorado.

Local mustang advocate Kat Wilder takes pix of Jen and Suzanne with Chrome’s band in the background.

Check out that sky. We were amazingly fortunate to get nearly half an inch of rain the day before their visit.

Thanks so much for coming, for your mustang insights and for admiring our beloved horses!


27 08 2015

Skywalker and Kwana

No matter the species, boys WILL be boys. 🙂 Skywalker had had enough nonchalant napping and pretty-picture posing. One of the funniest parts of this photo-taking episode was watching him get Kwana’s attention with the above behavior, then trot away in an effort to get Kwana to chase him.

Pinto rocks

26 08 2015


Pretty Puzzle pony under sunset-painted rocks.

Please pardon the random blog posts lately; chalk it up to poor Internet service.

Mane man

21 08 2015


Continuing with the mane theme … SunnyD’s also is enviable.

Two tones

20 08 2015


Who else but Hollywood with that mane?


Our thoughts and prayers are with those affected by multiple big wildfires burning throughout the West. Wildlife also are in the fires’ paths … 27 mustangs died in a fire south of Boise, Idaho. Heartbreaking.


His royal greyness

12 08 2015


He wasn’t torqued at the little bird (flocks of which were following the ponies for handouts – err, hoofouts?); he was moving his ponies through the rain. Something about the pic, his posture – his *greyness* against his dark mane and forelock, the rainy day – just grabbed me. He’s such a hunk!

Rollin’ in the rain

11 08 2015

Piedra & Grey

Two kinds of relief: Rain, and gettin’ down and dirty.


Belated happy birthday to my awesome dad!