Walking into a new day

31 12 2016

Piedra, Spring Creek canyon

Worldwide, and on the home ranges of wild horses and burros, 2016 was a fairly tough year. It was a pretty darn good year in Spring Creek Basin, but I’ve heard a number of people say how glad they are to put 2016 behind them, and they hope 2017 will be better.

I count my blessings every day for this life I love, that I get to live among wild creatures in a stunningly wild place (which has its own human challenges). So in saying good-bye to one year and looking forward to the new, hopefully gratitude will remain my best attitude. With the horses reminding me every day how beautiful is this amazing natural, wild world, that doesn’t seem to be a resolution that will be at all difficult to keep. 🙂

Farewell, 2016!

Lookee here, handsome

30 12 2016


Copp’ry Copper on a glistening winter day full of snow … and mud. But the mucky stuff didn’t deter this intrepid mustang tracker from enjoying the day and the mustangs. 🙂 And it was a beautiful day with beautiful horses!

Pinto ‘n blue

29 12 2016


Pretty spotted girl Reya walks a ridgeline against a bluebird Colorado sky. She’s not in deep snow up to her knees and hocks; she was just enough on the other side of the crest that it only looks that way. 🙂

Great, gorgeous, golden girl

28 12 2016


The look of ages. Sweet Kestrelita.

It was very windy during the days leading up to Christmas, and that and the warm temps helped melt the snow on the yonder hills.

Fuzzy, furry

27 12 2016


It’s really amazing how Mother Nature provides for her creatures in all seasons. The mustangs’ coats are thick and luxurious, and their lips are nimble as they search through the snow for the goodies.

Snow … no snow … snow …

26 12 2016

Comanche, Spring Creek canyon

Technical issues have been challenging lately, as well as mud from melting snow in 52-degree late-December Colorado weather. Comanche, pictured above on Christmas Eve with Spring Creek canyon in the background, was enjoying the grazing – sans snow but with mud that packed his hooves and covered my boots.

Then we got snow again.

Then it melted again.

Then it snowed again.

And now it’s melting again. 🙂

That means Santa and Ma Nature have given us a whole lotta moisture for Christmas, and we love it!

Merry Christmas!

25 12 2016

Pintos, La Sal Mountains, Round Top

From (part of) our family to (all of) yours, we wish you all the joy and beauty of the season. It’s a time of peace and love and reflection on all that has gone on in 2016.

We have had another good year in Spring Creek Basin, and we’re thankful to many people for their support as we support our mustangs in this beautiful little part of the greater, wild world.

As we continue our work to cherish and protect these amazing animals, we work indirectly to pay it forward to other volunteers and mustangs throughout the West and the country. Our goal is to keep Spring Creek Basin mustangs wild in Spring Creek Basin, and with the progressive partnership of our Tres Rios BLM team, Mike Jensen and Justin Hunt and Garth Nelson, we are succeeding.

Our hearts and our voices are raised in joy. 🙂

Merry Christmas Eve!

24 12 2016


Who’s a good-lookin’ mustang girl?

Mariah’s a good-lookin’ mustang girl!

And maybe surprised that we were able to see her right through her natural camouflage. 🙂


Is it Christmas Eve already?!

Beautiful night to all who value our wild things in their wild places!


23 12 2016


Corazon makes a funny face during a pause in his grazing in snow that was a few inches deep.

Beauty in a beautiful land

22 12 2016

Reya, Round Top, La Sal Mountains

Reya shows off her fuzzy spots against a wintry backdrop of Round Top and the far blue mountains, the La Sals.