Only minutes

30 09 2020

At 6:50:28 p.m., Killian was waiting for his band to graze their way to the top of the ridge.

At 6:51:27 p.m., this was happening:

Killian was already gone, moseying on in the shade of sunset.

By 7:09:38 pm., the ponies were browsing over the ridge, I was on my way back to the Jeep, and the moon was still rising.

Another beautiful day – and night – in the basin.

Most mustangish

29 09 2020

Bay beauty girl Madison always looks faaaaaaaaaaaaabulous, dahlings!

Braids aloft!

28 09 2020

Alegre and Maia let loose during a run to the rest of their band, on a hill to the right, already in the evening’s shade.

Those girls do make me laugh. 🙂

Just a kiss of light

27 09 2020

By the time I found Cassidy Rain and Raven and their band one recent evening, the sun had almost retreated below the top of the mesa behind them. There was just enough illumination to touch them with the softest fingers of light before it was gone again.

Sometimes … run!

26 09 2020

Kwana gallops back to his girls after a brief jog up a nearby hill to get more than a tantalizing glimpse of a mare, seemingly alone. But she wasn’t alone, and her stallion – Kwana’s little brother – told big bro (rather politely, I thought) ohnonono.

Whinnying as he hurtled toward them, just before he reached his closest mare, Kwana pulled off a slide through the shadscale that any Quarter Horse trainer would have envied. His mares were less impressed. 🙂

The season of moseying

25 09 2020

Not much is bothering Tenaz. A couple of bachelors are being respectful, and they’re more company than threat (most of the time).

Blue-sky red guy

24 09 2020

Mr. Hayden in all his copper-glowing red-gold goodness.

It was technically still summer when I took this pic (and plenty warm), but you can see he’s starting to look a little fuzzy. Must be those chilly nights.

On and on and on

23 09 2020

We’re all just little things on this planet, after all.

But all together, we’re all important.


22 09 2020

Lovely besties Winona and Mariah lead their band to water.

Summer is over, and autumn is here.

Those moments

21 09 2020

Oh, to be wild and free.