Sometimes … run!

26 09 2020

Kwana gallops back to his girls after a brief jog up a nearby hill to get more than a tantalizing glimpse of a mare, seemingly alone. But she wasn’t alone, and her stallion – Kwana’s little brother – told big bro (rather politely, I thought) ohnonono.

Whinnying as he hurtled toward them, just before he reached his closest mare, Kwana pulled off a slide through the shadscale that any Quarter Horse trainer would have envied. His mares were less impressed. 🙂

The season of moseying

25 09 2020

Not much is bothering Tenaz. A couple of bachelors are being respectful, and they’re more company than threat (most of the time).

Blue-sky red guy

24 09 2020

Mr. Hayden in all his copper-glowing red-gold goodness.

It was technically still summer when I took this pic (and plenty warm), but you can see he’s starting to look a little fuzzy. Must be those chilly nights.

On and on and on

23 09 2020

We’re all just little things on this planet, after all.

But all together, we’re all important.


22 09 2020

Lovely besties Winona and Mariah lead their band to water.

Summer is over, and autumn is here.

Those moments

21 09 2020

Oh, to be wild and free.

Watching the watcher

20 09 2020

Killian’s band is to the right (some stationary, some already moving away), and another band is to the left. Killian stands protectively between them. The chase through the trees has already happened, and the other band is drinking at a seep. Killian, here, seems calm and only observant. What thoughts does he have?

Smoke ‘n dust

19 09 2020

Corazon and Maiku follow the dust trail left by their girls after a dustup with a nearby band as the sun sinks beyond the smoky horizon.

On a walk

18 09 2020

The sky has been smoky again over Disappointment Valley, but Skywalker, moseying after a familiar family, doesn’t seem to mind. He has the necessities, and all is well.

Evening nosh

17 09 2020

Juniper also likes to nibble the greasewood (Really, they all love it like ice cream). That’s the vast sweep of Valentine Mesa (my name for it) behind her.