14 08 2020

Big boy Skywalker relaxes while watching a nearby band.

Delight in the details

13 08 2020

In case you can’t tell, that’s me on the far right, sitting on the ground. 🙂

Kicking up her heels

12 08 2020

Oh, a good roll feels so divine! And the dust helps keep those pesky bugs away. They don’t seem to be as bad as past years (drought?), but they’re always around.

Terra was the third mustang to take advantage of that particular spot of good-rolling dirt. Comanche nonchalantly kept watch but didn’t take advantage of the good dirt.

Family dining

11 08 2020

Hollywood grazes peacefully with his mares on a summer’s evening in Spring Creek Basin.

Happy birthday, Dad!

10 08 2020

Happy birthday to my dad, Dave!

He was a lucky kid, growing up with horses and ponies, racing around with his brother, skijoring in the Ohio snow before it was a thing, watching the good ol’ westerns on black-and-white TV. He met my mom, Nancy, while they were still in high school; horses, naturally, were the tie that bound. And naturally, horses are the biggest and most consistent theme throughout my own life, though the U.S. Army sent us around the world during Dad’s 20-year service to country. And still, we had horses.

Dad’s a bit more silver than Killian these days, but he’s just as handsome. 🙂

I love you, Dad! Have a marvelous birthday!

On the great edge

9 08 2020

Corazon’s band went to the very edge of Spring Creek Basin. Even from this distance, the sight of them right on the edge of the rimrocks made me uneasy!

Beyond them is the great wide-open range of lower Disappointment Valley.

Looks dry, huh? It is.

Hidey girl

8 08 2020

Cassidy Rain likes to think she’s the queen of camouflage. 🙂 She’s way too beautiful to blend in!

Golden girl in a golden land

7 08 2020

If Maia looks a little glum, no wonder; after our little bit of cooler temps and clouds and rain a week or so ago, it has been dry, dry, dry again. And hazy. Or dusty? Or even smoky.

I can’t speak for her, of course, but the drought sure makes the humans glum.

A little bit ‘o light

6 08 2020

Seneca catches the light at the end of another blue day with lovely – but not rain-bearing – clouds.


5 08 2020

Another teeny critter in the basin. The hole is in a very shallow little arroyo that leads to a bigger, deeper arroyo. I think this critter also is a youngster, based on its size.

Much fluffier than that last baby critter!