Happening today …

19 05 2019

Maia; Temple Butte and McKenna Peak

A special dedication to a special lady.

Today in Disappointment Valley, we’re having a ceremony to dedicate Temple Butte in honor of our dear and much-missed friend – and friend of mustangs – Pati Temple.

Last year, just before Christmas, we learned that the U.S. Board of Geographic Names had granted our request to officially name Temple Butte. It was an arduous application process, and we are tremendously thankful to Ann Bond for her commitment to the paperwork and seeing it through to the successful end.

San Miguel County commissioners (Kris Holstrom, Hilary Cooper and Joan May) wrote a letter of support for our application, and we thank them, especially past and present members who knew Pati personally.

Pati worked tirelessly with local BLM employees to get things done for Spring Creek Basin’s herd, and Wayne Werkmeister, herd manager in the 1990s who played a vital role in the creation of the Colorado chapter of the National Mustang Association, wrote a letter of support for Temple Butte. He’s currently the associate field manager at the Grand Junction Field Office (out of which the Little Book Cliffs herd is managed). At Pati’s insistence (one of her best traits was her absolute refusal to take no for an answer!), Wayne was here for our 2011 (last) roundup, during which we implemented our PZP program.

Mike Jensen, current Spring Creek Basin herd manager who also knew Pati, had this to say: “I really see it as fitting to have that beautiful butte which looks down on the HMA named in honor of Pati. Her passion for those horses was a driving force in where we are today in the management of the HMA.”

During her many years of involvement with Spring Creek Basin and its mustangs, Pati made sure that we partnered with BLM instead of fighting with the agency. That philosophy continues … and look at the good it has generated for our mustangs!

Pati touched the lives of humans and animals alike during her life, and it is fitting for those of us who knew her to continue to advocate for all those who need a helping hand and a word of encouragement.

Thank you, Pati. Thank you to all who made this happen.



15 05 2019

Killian; McKenna Peak






Green ‘n grey

9 05 2019

Killian; Temple Butte, McKenna Peak

My two favorite colors.

We got some crazy weather yesterday: rain, graupel, slush, snow – collectively known technically and scientifically as “wet stuff.”

Wet stuff is good stuff. We’ll take any and all of it.


7 05 2019


The spring breeze couldn’t keep the gnats from buzzing sweaty brows under visors.

Swishing tails and shaking heads are becoming normal again.

Happy May. 🙂


1 05 2019


Hollywood saunters past two of Spring Creek Basin’s most iconic features: McKenna Peak and Temple Butte.


Happy, happy, wild and wonderful birthday to my little brother, Jeff! 🙂

He’s the glow

29 04 2019


Sundance is one handsome dude, even with his little boo-boo.

Shades of shale ‘n grey

11 04 2019

Comanche; McKenna Peak, Temple Butte

Comanche, like the rest of us, is waiting for greenup.

Some moisture fell in Disappointment Valley in the form of blowing snow. Mostly, it blew on through. We’re not in the path of the big storm, and we’re glad for the little bit of wetness that we got.