4 09 2018

Mysterium; McKenna Peak

Wise and beautiful Mysterium checks for danger ahead before leading her band to water.



2 09 2018

McKenna Peak and Temple Butte under stormy sky.

A little of those (dark clouds) led to a little bit of the wet stuff yesterday afternoon.

We love wet stuff. 🙂

Day of peace

31 08 2018

Storm; McKenna Peak

Storm of Spring Creek Basin.


Oh, how we love him.

Smoke ‘n spots

17 08 2018

Chipeta; Temple Butte and McKenna Peak

Always the prettiest things out there. 🙂


‘Be cautious with fire’

12 08 2018


Not much to say. … Terribly smoky. Many more people dealt with the smoke from the 416 and Burro fires – nearer to denser populated areas. Now smoke from other fires is blowing and settling in other places.

And there’s California …

None of it is good.

For a moment, a chance of rain appeared in our forecast for Friday. … Now there’s no trace of that chance.

Still, we hope.

(The blog post title came from a highway sign I saw yesterday that read: “Be cautious with fire and cigarettes.” Uh. … Really?!?!?! I have a much less polite way of thinking that people ought to be “cautious” with fires (!?) OR cigarettes (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)!)

Grey in the morning, red in the evening

11 08 2018

Temple Butte, socked in by smoke

Temple Butte and McKenna Peak seen through the haze of dense smoke on Friday morning. This view is looking east, around 10:30 a.m.

Skywalker, smoky sunset

Skywalker grazes against a smoky sunset a little after 8 p.m. Thursday.

Bright girl

2 08 2018

Gaia; McKenna Peak

Copper Gaia is a glowing spot of color on a hazy, smoky day.