19 04 2021

Hey, it’s hard to look fabulous when the wind is howling. Good looks and a hair-do like that doesn’t just happen naturally. … Oh, wait! Yes, it does!

Tenaz – rockin’ Colorado’s spring winds. You go, guy!

Rose glow

8 04 2021

Always a handsome way to end a day: Skywalker. 🙂

That look

1 04 2021

Sweet, lovely Piedra wonders where all the snow has gone.

Well, it’s practically spring, lady. Sure, the calendar says so, but ponies are shedding and we’re looking for green. And maybe some more rain.

More rain would be awesome. And that’s no joke! (Happy April Fools’ Day!)

Devil’s in the details

30 03 2021

Do you see it?

You might have to click on the pic to enlarge it.

Would it help to know that *I* didn’t see it until I saw it on the computer screen? What I saw was Hayden shaking his head and then wandering off to graze.

It was T-shirt weather, a day after I didn’t think I could wear enough layers to keep out the biting north wind.

Spring is coming … and with it, the flying buzzers.

Reds and whites and browns

23 03 2021

Just hangin’ out with my favorite little redheaded girl Tesora on a warm spring day in Spring Creek Basin. Despite the lingering snow, the air was warm. Heat is coming soon enough … hopefully we have (and/or get) enough moisture to make it tolerable.

Buckskin beauty in white

15 03 2021

Another 2.5 inches of snow (at least) fell overnight and Sunday morning in Disappointment Valley, bringing more much-needed moisture. Lots of melting happened Saturday, and the temperature is hovering right at freezing, so lots of melting is happenING.

Interestingly, snowshoes work pretty well when mud is close to the surface under the mud by doing the same thing as on snow: spreading weight over a surface. Of course, the mud isn’t as easy to knock off, but your boots are happier.

A tale of two days

14 03 2021

This is Temple on Friday evening:

This is Temple on Saturday afternoon:

Oh, what a difference a day (less than 24 hours) makes. 🙂

We got at least 3.5 inches of snow, so the pic taken Saturday afternoon shows a considerable amount of melting – which means water in the ground.


1 03 2021

Can you see the spring green?

It’s there. I’m soooooooo sure!

(Oh, I’m so, so, SO hopeful!)


20 02 2021

If we got this much snow every winter, we might be in fine shape. 🙂


7 02 2021

Tesora helps show off the lack of snow currently on the land, and how pretty she looks as our model. 🙂

Speaking of which, I finally made it into Spring Creek Basin, and it’s not as dry as I thought it might be. The road is parts dry and parts mud, and an actual vehicle, I would not risk driving yet. I did find someone’s spare key, in one of those little magnetic boxes you stick to some secret part of your vehicle. The box was crushed, but the key seems fine.

The hiking was most parts mud, as my poor boots can attest. With every step, the horses and I sank at least half an inch into the damp ground (OK, they may have gone a little deeper than I did). There’s some water – melted snow/ice – in some of the arroyos … but no water in ponds yet.