Summer shed

27 05 2018

Tenaz; McKenna Peak and Temple Butte

It’s warm. It’s dry. Tenaz makes it gorgeous. 🙂



23 05 2018

Copper; McKenna Peak and Temple Butte

Copper – another bright brown spot. 🙂

The reason why

23 03 2018

Bounce; McKenna Peak and Temple Butte

So this guy – and other elders just like him – can live wild and free.



21 03 2018

Corazon; McKenna Peak and Temple Butte

Corazon naps in the warm spring sunshine in Spring Creek Basin. While we worry about lack of moisture, the ponies enjoy the niceness of the moment(s).

At ease

12 03 2018

Terra; McKenna Peak, Temple Butte (barely)

Do you love Terra’s little smile? 🙂

And why wouldn’t she smile? She lives in a place close to heaven.

Stopover, Spring Creek Basin style

4 03 2018

Canada goose on roller-coaster ridge pond.

She gets a perfect 10 for nailing her landing. 🙂


And she totally knows how to rock a pose.

Canada goose on roller-coaster ridge pond; Kwana

Not quite synchronized, but we’ll give them props for interspecies partnership. 🙂

Two bands were at the pond with the goose (and though I called it “her” and “she,” I don’t actually know its gender), and they were very interested in her bold vocalizations. She was by herself; hopefully her mate (?) will join her soon. Tis the season.

Maybe more …

2 03 2018

Storm; McKenna Peak, Temple Butte

… is coming Sunday. 🙂