9 09 2019


There’s not a wide enough lens made to really show the full beauty of Spring Creek Basin. But we’ll continue to do our best to show it off in pictures. 🙂

Handsome boy

8 09 2019


Another pretty poser. 🙂 Corazon likes to find awesome backgrounds, too. He’s very particular.

Of note: In the background at far right, you can see the 12,000-gallon tank associated with one of our two water catchments in the basin. Aprons on the ground collect rain water and snow, then funnel that water to the tank … then to a trough for the horses. We have two of these in the basin, and they provide the horses’ only sources of clean drinking water – the others are silty and salty.

Shady dude

31 07 2019

Comanche; McKenna Peak

Comanche takes advantage of some shade in the late afternoon before joining the caravan to the local water hole.

Summer solstice

22 06 2019

Hayden; McKenna Peak

Sometimes, it’s impossible to convey the *feeling* behind the beauty of our world. Sure, photos can help me *try* to share that beauty, but a photo is only a square, limited view.

Wherever THERE is for you, get out there in the beauty, and if you can, share it with others.

Think about the variety of life on this planet. Nowhere else in the known universe has what Earth has. We are so blessed to enjoy the beauty of this big, blue ball.

And happy summer solstice. 🙂 Summer is here.

Little dude, comin’ along

14 06 2019


Playing catchup seems to be a theme of late. There’s no time to waste when there’s green grass to be grazed!

Wild green

11 06 2019

Shane; McKenna Peak

Shane watches aother band while nappig in the sunshine.

Little bitty dirty boy

26 05 2019

S'aka; McKenna Peak (barely seen, Temple Butte)

When the weather turns warmer and the wind (!) isn’t keeping the gnats away, wild ponies head to the spa. (The wind has been ferocious the last couple of days, and I’ve still been swatting at my face under the brim of my visor.)