Locks to love

30 09 2016

Sorrel-and-white pinto stallion in Sand Wash Basin.

Isn’t this gorgeous boy handsome?

In some cases, the continued use of the word “gorgeous” may be considered overuse. Not so in the case of Sand Wash Basin’s mustangs!

Two, cute

29 09 2016
Pinto mare and foal in Sand Wash Basin.

Pinto mare and foal in Sand Wash Basin.

Like mother, like daughter – pinto beauties Mimi and Braley in Voodoo’s band. They’re a daughter and granddaughter of the handsome and very popular Picasso. We saw him one evening on the way to camp, but those are “pictures” in my memory only. 🙂

Great and wide

28 09 2016
Sand Wash Basin stallion

Sand Wash Basin stallion

Be still my wild heart. This is Star, also pictured a few days ago with the setting full moon. Isn’t he phenomenal?

Note the ears in the sagebrush in front of Star. That’s the yearling colt in his band (his son?), Meteor.

And notice that big, big, wide-open country. Mustang country, for sure!

Handsome times two

27 09 2016


Stallions Cosmo and Kiowa have an early morning chat at the dawn of a beautiful September day in Sand Wash Basin.

Boys being boys

26 09 2016

Bachelor stallions in Sand Wash Basin.

These two boys entertained themselves for a while on a beautiful morning in Sand Wash Basin. Mostly, they were too far for decent photos, but then they came trotting past us – us being other peacefully grazing bands. They carried their own energy through and past.

Reds and golds

25 09 2016

Sorrel foal at sunrise in Sand Wash Basin.

This sweet sorrel foal was a beautiful subject at sunrise in Sand Wash Basin. Love those backlit whiskers!

On alert

24 09 2016

Sand Wash Basin stallion Kiowa.

This is stallion Kiowa, I think. His band and Cosmo’s band were close together and with a few other bands the couple of mornings I was fortunate to visit with them. He’s a pretty hunky guy – don’t you love that studly profile?!

Harvest moon

23 09 2016

The full harvest moon rises over Sand Wash Basin.

The full, magnificent, phenomenal, gorgeous, spectacular, astoundingly amazing and very full moon rose over Sand Wash Basin the night before SWAT’s/GEMS’ Rendezvous.

Wow! Magic.

Gosh, so golden

22 09 2016

Dun mare in Cosmo's band.

A pretty mare in Cosmo’s band walks through sagebrush golden with the rising sun in Sand Wash Basin.

Watching the sun come up

21 09 2016

Stallion Cosmo in Sand Wash Basin.

Over the next however many days, we’ll be sharing some of the wild beauties that call Sand Wash Basin home. I may or may not know their names, but one thing is for sure: They are beautiful, and they are incredibly healthy … and they are loved by many, many people around the world.

This is stallion Cosmo in the first light of a beautiful September morning.