The close

31 12 2019


How did the end of the year get here?

Don’t answer that. (Cuz it’s kinda obvious!)

“Where did the year go?” seems to be the leading question at this time of year, every year.

We can learn a lot from the mustangs, living in the moment, whether it’s dry and dusty or glistening white with welcome moisture. Humans are made to worry about the future, seemingly.

Looking to the past, our work and commitment has put the management of Spring Creek Basin’s mustang herd in rarefied air; it’s good. Our horses are healthy. Our range is healthy. Our partnership with our BLM herd manager and other local BLM’ers is strong. We’ve worked hard for all of those blessings.

Looking to the future, our goals are the same: Healthy horses, healthy range, healthy partnership.

Because of our past work, our future – *their* future – looks good.

To all of you who follow this blog and these mustangs, thank you for your support of our wild ones. Sharing them with the world is a blessing I treasure.

After snow, our world of snow

30 12 2019


When our lives depend on moisture that falls frozen in the winter, to be hoarded for the heat and dry of summer, this kind of view tends to make us giddy with happiness … with relief.

At the end of a full day of glittering snow falling, falling on our land, the sun blazed through a clear blue sky as long yesterday as it was hidden the day before. Temperatures were cold – and the beauty, divine.

As the calendar year rushes toward its close, I wish for you all joy in the beauty of your world, wherever you may be.

Got snow?

29 12 2019


We got snow. 🙂

Inches and inches of the stuff. 🙂

How happy can we be?! 🙂

Looking good

28 12 2019


From windswept snow that didn’t stick Thursday to about 4 inches as of yesterday afternoon.

Old Man Winter finally came to call. 🙂

Shortly after I took this photo of Hayden and Raven, a “wave” of snow blew in that lasted about an hour. Visibility was so low that one band of horses trotted across the road ahead of me before I knew they were there. They were ghosts in the blizzard.

It’s good to see white on the land again.

White and white and white

27 12 2019


What a difference a day makes! Or, rather, a night. 🙂

The south wind blew snow in waves across Disappointment Valley and Spring Creek Basin on Christmas Day, but not a flake of it stuck to the warm, dry ground.

Yesterday’s photo of Temple was taken during one of those waves of snow, right before sunset. The sun already was coming back into view from beyond the clouds and snow, and you can see the brown of the basin behind the jewels of snowflakes swirling around Temple.

Then, late after the sky cleared for the stars, we had snow in the night, and we woke up to a white, white world!

Christmas snow globe

26 12 2019


Courtesy of Mother Nature. 🙂


Merry Christmas!

25 12 2019


May your days be merry and bright, and may all your Christmases have at least a touch of *wild* magic!


24 12 2019


May the magic of the season be with you now and throughout the year!

Spots ‘n shadows

23 12 2019


More camouflage from our lovely pinto ladies Puzzle and Spirit.

As you can see, we still have snow in places in Spring Creek Basin. Most of lower Disappointment Valley is long bare of snow from the last dusting we got. We’re still hoping for some moisture this week around Christmas. Our chances fade and return and fade. We’re hoping for more returning and less fading!

Winter solstice

22 12 2019



He makes his own light.

Read more about the northern hemisphere’s winter solstice.