Making tracks

31 03 2019


Copper hustles after a band that he has recently hooked up with. The shaggy boy is looking stout!


30 03 2019


You’d be grumpy, too, if some crazy ol’ human was interrupting your nap, hanging out, trying to get good-lookin’-wild-stallion pix of you. 🙂

Pastel sky

29 03 2019


We’ve had some glorious sunsets lately.

They’re always better with a lovely mustang like Temple in the foreground.

Stunning boy, stunning peaks

28 03 2019

Killian; La Sal Mountains

While we wait for the greenup … a little grey. 🙂

Bigger, wild, free

27 03 2019

Chipeta; McKenna Peak and Temple Butte

Looking in the opposite direction from yesterday, Miss Chipeta is looking lovely against one of the most recognizable backgrounds in Spring Creek Basin: McKenna Peak and Temple Butte.

Two wild pinto ponies in wild, free country. Lots to love!

Little, wild, free

26 03 2019

S'aka; Spring Creek canyon

Really. One word. And they all mean “gorgeous”!

The curve of rimrock is the north rim of Spring Creek canyon (through which Spring Creek is STILL flowing). Beyond is more of Disappointment Valley (Spring Creek Basin is a tucked-away little paradise in Disappointment Valley). The mustangs can’t go beyond the rimrocks.

Only one thing to say

25 03 2019

Mariah; La Sal Mountains

The day: Gorgeous.

The mustangs: Gorgeous.

Mariah: Repeat after me: GORGEOUS.

Twin peaks

24 03 2019

Raven; McKenna Peak and Temple Butte

The lovely Raven makes use of Spring Creek Basin’s iconic – and still somewhat wintry – scenery. The girl really doesn’t like to pose … but here, she was perfection itself. 🙂


23 03 2019

S'aka and Skywalker

Self-explanatory. 🙂

We got more rain. Spring Creek still is streaming through Spring Creek Basin. 🙂

Shadow walker

22 03 2019

Tenaz; La Sal Mountains

Tenaz strikes a handsome silhouette as he walks across the basin to chat with some youngsters.

Those clouds above the La Sal Mountains herald the arrival of another wave of moisture for our region. We’re not complaining. 🙂