Screamer in the rock

31 10 2019


Photoshop never outdoes Ma Nature.

Happy Halloween. 🙂

All that, wet

30 10 2019


Houdini and Alegre aren’t readily visible at first glance, are they? Natural camouflage.

Lovely snow on the La Sal Mountains, eh?

By about 4 p.m., that snow was gone. Yeah, I was surprised, too! Much of the snow in Spring Creek Basin had melted – and some was present, still.

Our earth here is very thirsty.


Our hearts are with those fleeing wildfires in California.

Did someone order winter?

29 10 2019


The previous blog pic was taken three days ago. The above was taken yesterday.

The day before yesterday (and many of the previous days) was full of sunshine and warmth (60s) – and terrible, terrible dryness. Yesterday, I’m not sure of the actual temp, but the forecast was for a high of 39.

Really, just like that, winter came to visit. 🙂

I don’t think it’s here for good yet, but the moisture was MUCH welcomed and appreciated. We got just 2.5 inches of snow (give or take), and it melted quickly under yet another bluebird day (the snow came under cover of darkness).

Maia was exuberant in her movement through the white stuff. It slowed me down much more than it did her, but I was pretty ecstatic. 🙂


28 10 2019


Color doesn’t matter when the world is gold.


And speaking of pure gold, happy birthday today to my mom, Nancy. 🙂 I think I totally spaced my dad’s birthday on the blog; it was back in August. They had a pretty big anniversary this year, also in August, that I did note on the blog. 🙂

I definitely want to give a shout out to my beautiful, most-wonderful mom for all she has been to me all of my life. Happy birthday, Mom. I love you! 🙂

Standing out

27 10 2019


Hello, most beautiful. 🙂

No escape from the beauty

26 10 2019


Houdini the great, the glorious, the golden … the grand dame of Spring Creek Basin.

The lovely

25 10 2019


Puzzle the pretty makes any landscape look more … well, *more*. 🙂

That’s the magic of mustangs!

Strut of success

24 10 2019


For the nth time, Comanche has repelled a challenger to his band.

Of the earth

23 10 2019


Golden Gaia in the grand, glorious gleaming.


Dirty and … not

22 10 2019


Spirit has been to the spa. Puzzle, for reasons known only to her, declined the mud bath. 🙂