28 01 2023

To enter his wintry world?

Invitation accepted!

Nap with a view

27 01 2023

Sleepy, sleepy Skywalker. 🙂

All that snow acts as a giant light reflector, and while the air is cold, it also serves to create a very real warmth. And after filling their bellies, they’re very amenable to nice little naps!

Cover girl

26 01 2023

That face!

Chipeta makes me work for her glamour shots … and she always rocks it. She glows!


25 01 2023

Corazon chose a nice place to nap, framed by juniper trees, surrounded by fresh snow.


24 01 2023

Another inch to 2 or 3 fell over Spring Creek Basin early yesterday morning and freshened up our snow world!

Winter time is cozy time

23 01 2023

Buckeye gives Aiyanna a snuggle while surrounded by snow on a morning of pristine whiteness.

Just about right

22 01 2023

Pretty pale Rowan was quite undisturbed by the couple of inches of fresh snow a few days ago.

Cold temps are keeping a fair snow cover in place for us. The rest of Southwest Colorado, by all reports, is pretty well buried under an exceptional amount of snow. The greasewood and shadscale pictured around Rowan wouldn’t be visible if we had the snow that our neighbors have! We’re plenty happy with our seemingly just-right amount of snow. 🙂

Napping in the lap of white

21 01 2023

By the time the sun reappeared from the snow clouds, Tenaz and Skywalker and Sancho and the band had settled into naps. That sunshine *does* feel remarkably warm, especially after a blizzard wave!

Buckskin ‘n snow

20 01 2023

I think Mother Nature must find particular pleasure in the colors of her world. 🙂

Kestrel consented to pause her grazing for a few moments on a hill near Knife Edge (it does draw the eye … and especially when highlighted by snow!).

White is gold

19 01 2023

Moisture in the bank for this summer. 🙂

Spring Creek Basin got another dose of the valuable white stuff, and parts of the basin have 4 to 6 inches of snow from a second wave of snow yesterday morning. The previous morning’s snow had melted in some areas (mostly outside the basin), but this bit of white gold may stick around for a wee bit longer.

Sundance and his band were near another band, high up a hillside. Below – in and along the big arroyo that runs along the base of the ridge – a decent-size group of elk had browsed their way through the drainage, leaving tracks and trails. I wonder whether the horses were there when their elk friends passed?!