30 11 2011

Oh, that flirty girl.

Winona and Chrome; Terra at left.

For her trouble, she got chased away by Terra. 🙂

At least she has good taste! She was with Grey/Traveler right before the roundup.

Until shadow crosses

30 11 2011

Home today to just catch my breath! As I take breaks from what I *have* to do … I’ll try to get more pix posted, including more of Tif’ boys Asher and Ze!

In the meantime, here’s a post I never published from a couple of weeks ago.

Wednesday was an awesome day, and I didn’t take a single pic until the end. We have a new herd manager, and he’s as awesome as the folks who hired him. We met him at the roundup, but I didn’t have much chance to talk to him then. True to my threat – err, promise – I kidnapped him into the basin for nearly the whole day. I think he wasn’t even too upset that I kept him longer than he had said he had time to be there. At the end of the day, Grey/Traveler’s band kept us a little longer (it was all the horses’ doing!), spread across the road, which meant stopping and just admiring.

First rule of the basin: Take no agenda, set no expectations.

He did laugh initially when I told him the horses and their basin home are magic – I’m certain it was the (shared) laughter of understanding there at the end!

After I saw him away, I went back – the siren call of the mustangs. Who can resist, really? If you think I can, you must be new here!

Alegre (near) and Houdini, grazing together. Both alpha mares, I have seen them comfortable together but not particularly close. This evening, they shared very companionable space.

Golden Gaia in the last of the light.

The shadow cast by Filly Peak had already consumed most of the flats – and slipped over Grey/Traveler and Corona, who were grazing out a bit farther from these girls.

Could have sat there all night …

It wasn’t long before the shadow found us, too.

See her peeking?

Houdini and Gaia

Gaia crossing as I photographed Alegre …

Tif & Asher & Ze!

29 11 2011

You have to see these guys to believe them.

Gorgeousity overload!


Stud muffin – emphasis on the muffin!

He’s going grey. He doesn’t resemble *totally* mama (Chipeta) OR daddy (Ty), but I think he has the best of both.

Asher and Tif’s awe-some gelding Quest.


No words … heart singing with utter joy.

Drinks at dusk

28 11 2011

Thank you all for your votes! So very much appreciated! It makes a hard process a little easier. 🙂

Some more pix from last week’s visit. Despite the low sun, I walked out to Hollywood and Comanche’s, even though they were already on the shady side of Flat Top and the sun set before I even got to them … but I wouldn’t have missed the visit.

Last light on McKenna Peak and the unnamed promontory.

Reflected light … it must have bounced off the far hills – the sun had set on the other side of this hill.

Hollywood was standing sentinel on top of the hill (one of the finger ridges that lead up to Flat Top’s top), and Juniper ran up to him …

Then he play-chased her down to where Piedra was, both of them bucking and kicking up their heels. The poor quality is because my ISO was cranked as high as it would go! But I liked the moment of suspension. 🙂

Then it was time for their evening drink at the pond. I was a little surprised to see Comanche drink right next to Piedra, who was right next to Hollywood.

He did drink next to Kestrel, too, though.

All together.

Juniper, her reflection and Piedra – love how they all line up.

Piedra grazing after drinking.

Mama Kestrel and Juniper in amazing reflected glowing after-sunset light.

Last light on the La Sals.

Comanche, one of the very last pix I took that evening.


Calendar – November

27 11 2011

OK, here’s November. Already some images I’m happy with of the horses, so I didn’t dig too hard through the recent ones.

Thank you all so very much for your votes!! Some months are looking like the choices are pretty clear … other months, could be any one of the photos!

More than I can say, I appreciate your interest in and support of our Spring Creek Basin mustangs!

Traveler & Alegre


Seven & Bounce




Maiku & Chipeta

Ty & Chipeta


Chrome & friends


26 11 2011

Thank you all for your votes so far!

I’m still working on November images from my last visit and will get calendar images for that month up as soon as possible.

Speaking of, here are some more images from last week’s visit …

This was from the start of a second visit with Sundance’s band toward the end of the day, after I’d had my visit with Poco and Roach. They were right near the road, and I couldn’t resist.

Apollo and mama Raven

Kootenai and Mysterium

Sundance with Brumley Point in the background.

Next, a series – stepfather/stepdaughter:

Mysterium and Sundance


They remind me a lot of Comanche and Winona – another foal with a stallion who is not her sire (another stallion with a foal that is not his) … and another filly who has her stepdaddy wrapped completely around her neat little black hooves. 🙂

Calendar – December

26 11 2011

December’s choices were pulled from last December (2010), so you might see some familiar images …


Duke & Twister



Comanche & Winona

Almost done. I’ll have November’s up just as soon as possible.

Calendar – October

25 11 2011

Decisions for October:

Kootenai & Mysterium

This one of Kootenai and Mysterium could be a contender for the cover.

Shane, Killian & Roja



Calendar – September

25 11 2011

September’s selections:

Winona & Traveler



Chipeta & Puzzle

Juniper, Kestrel & Comanche


Hayden, Terra & Winona

Calendar – August

25 11 2011

August’s offerings:

Cinch's band

Ty & Chipeta

Hacho & Kiowa


Comanche & Chrome