1 03 2021

Can you see the spring green?

It’s there. I’m soooooooo sure!

(Oh, I’m so, so, SO hopeful!)


20 02 2021

If we got this much snow every winter, we might be in fine shape. 🙂


7 02 2021

Tesora helps show off the lack of snow currently on the land, and how pretty she looks as our model. 🙂

Speaking of which, I finally made it into Spring Creek Basin, and it’s not as dry as I thought it might be. The road is parts dry and parts mud, and an actual vehicle, I would not risk driving yet. I did find someone’s spare key, in one of those little magnetic boxes you stick to some secret part of your vehicle. The box was crushed, but the key seems fine.

The hiking was most parts mud, as my poor boots can attest. With every step, the horses and I sank at least half an inch into the damp ground (OK, they may have gone a little deeper than I did). There’s some water – melted snow/ice – in some of the arroyos … but no water in ponds yet.

Summer dreams start in winter

6 02 2021

Does snow make you think about grass? It should.

Does snow make you think about mud? It does. 🙂

I do feel deceptive about continuing to post these wonderful images of the mustangs in snow when the truth of the land is that mud now rules it. Snowshoeing or hiking is lovely (if, yes, tiring); mud slogging is, just, tiring. And it ruins boots. (Ask me how I know.)

So while I’m preserving boots and allowing (sure, that’s the word) moisture and vegetation to do their thing, unmolested by heavy human tread (even though it’s February, and I’m not sure how much things are happening in the soil region, but it’s also 58 degrees as I type this, soooooo …), you, dear lovers of Spring Creek Basin’s mustangs, get more pix of mustangs in lovely, life-giving snow.

Alegre and Maia (at least) thank you for your patience – and your enjoyment!


4 02 2021

Shane and Spirit nap on a windy snow day under the grand icons of Spring Creek Basin, McKenna Peak and Temple Butte.

Buckskin babe

28 01 2021

Kestrel has the wisest eyes. And a heart on her muzzle. That’s probably as good (or better) as a heart on her sleeve. 🙂

Nice place for a nap

26 01 2021

Even sleepy-eyed and half-asleep, Hollywood is a vision of handsomeness on the northern flank of Round Top, against a backdrop of Spring Creek Basin’s dramatic eastern horizon.

And we have moisture, frozen for the time being, seeping, soaking and being slurped into the ground.

Mustang magnificent

24 01 2021

Disappointment Valley is much browner now after a night of RAIN and a day of melting (of the snow that survived the rain). The ground is absolutely saturated, and the mud is marvelously messy. We still have snow in the forecast as the temperatures drop, so we may yet glow white again.

Madison, of course, knows that brown is beautiful!

A far cry from the Hollywood hills

8 01 2021

Who doesn’t love that handsome Hollywood face?

After the disturbing news and images from the Capitol on Wednesday, a big hike in the basin finally took me to a visit with Hollywood’s band. As you can see from the background, there’s not a lot of white in our world these days, but we have a chance of snow on Saturday. Not a big chance, but we’re high on hope out here.

Some peace, please

7 01 2021

There are few words strong enough to condemn the violence yesterday upon the U.S. Capitol, and people wiser and more eloquent than I am already have spoken out against the terrible revolt.