All the pretty colors

8 06 2023

Despite the promising sky and definite rain *around*, we got just a brief drizzle – the day featured above and below, which was a couple of days ago. …

** I had to update this post: We got rain yesterday! **

I had previously written after the first sentence: That’s good, but we always like/want *better*. Buckeye and his ladies and baby don’t mind waiting … it’s the humans who stress out!

We DO stress out … and we’re infinitely grateful when the rain finally falls!

All those little white bits on the ground are sego lilies.

Aren’t they spectacular? I posted another pic of sego lilies recently … taken with my camera, as compared with this one, taken with my phone. I’m not tall enough to give my long lens room to focus on the interior of these little beauties, but my phone does a pretty good job.

The prickly pear cacti are blooming now, too. Most blooms are shades of yellow and peach-ish:

But I found these blooms – PINK – just about 10 yards away from the yellow cluster above:

How wonderful are these colors?! And the flowers are pretty, too. 🙂

All the blooms and all the green – and the horses and other wildlife and humans, too, – are grateful.

A little yellow gold

30 05 2023

This area of Spring Creek Basin where I found Corazon and his family recently was booming with yellow prince’s plume blooms, but though I tried fairly hard for a little while, Corazon wasn’t terribly interested in posing with the golden glory. He and his band members were much too interested in seeking out and eating the yummy Indian ricegrass, a cool-season grass that’s growing like gangbusters right now. It must be sweet and tasty because all the horses love it!


26 05 2023

No, that’s not what we’re calling Skywalker these days. The blog post title today refers to the pops of color from the – in this image, scarlet globemallow – which is blooming like crazy all over the basin right now.

And not just those sunny little orange blossoms; we also have prince’s plume, larkspur, Indian paintbrush, still phlox, claret cup cacti blooms and numerous other colorful flowers!

Spring Creek Basin is GREEN with numerous spots of color all over. We had to wait a bit for our green and orange and yellow and purple and blue and red and pink … but it’s been worth it. 🙂

Waiting and watching

24 05 2023

Looks like the mustang fairies missed a couple of spots in Mariah’s mane during their nightly rituals. Maybe they just had a lot of mustangs to attend?! With a passing shower or two (or more), and attending winds, it’s a busy season for keeping mustangs looking their best (which likely could be said for all seasons … and yet, they always look marvelous!).

Mariah and her band were standing on the bank of a small pond, and I’m not sure what had caught her attention. There was another small band grazing some distance behind them, those horses having already been to the pond.

Happy Mother’s Day!

14 05 2023

To all the beautiful, wonderful mothers out there who support their children – theirs by blood and theirs by love – and who raise us up to cherish our mothers! 🙂

Especially to my mom, thanks for passing on your love of horses. 🙂 Thank you for being my mom! I love you – see you soon!

Some current Spring Creek Basin wildflowers for moms:

Evening primrose is starting to appear in numerous locations. Like the sego lily, the primrose seems almost too delicate for our desert environment.

And of course, perennial favorite (see what I did there?): prince’s plume. 🙂 Recently, I was a little afraid that the prince’s plume that was up had been battered terribly by the relentless wind … but very current plants look very healthy!

P.S. If the sky behind Aiyanna and Bia looks a bit grey, that’s because it WAS. Within half an hour of that pic, rain was sweeping Spring Creek Basin and lower Disappointment Valley! We need it BADLY, so it was a wonderful Mother’s Day eve gift to us all.

Under stormy skies

1 05 2023

Looking at Sundance in the opposite direction from the pic I posted of him recently. Wonderfully stormy sky, which we haven’t seen for a few days and would very much like to see again!


Happy, happy May Day birthday to my brother, Jeff! 🙂

April breezes

26 04 2023

This photo of Tenaz does a better job of illustrating the windy conditions than it does convincing viewers that the greyer-than-usual haze in the background is SNOW and not just our usual Mancos shale ridge slopes. …

But it is.

Snow, that is.

Happy late April, almost May?! 🙂 Welcome to Colorado!

Long-range beauty

9 04 2023

Can we do any better than to give them these wild-and-free lives, that they were born to live? It’s the least and absolute best we can do. I’m so glad we can do it in Spring Creek Basin.

April snow day

5 04 2023

Maybe instead of having April Fool’s Day in Colorado, we could have April-Snow-in-Colorado Day! Instead of being reliably on April 1 every year, it can be just whatever day in April it happens to snow, because, you know, it almost always DOES snow in April in Colorado. 🙂

Still not spring

28 03 2023

Ha, ha, ha! Ho, ho, ho! Hee, hee, hee … ?!

Seriously, though. As we count down to April, it really is time for spring to … well, spring. Ma Nature, can’t you rein in Ol’ Man Winter … just a little bit?!

This was the view yesterday morning until about noonish when most of the lower-elevation snow melted off under the Colorado sunshine. Temps were still in the 30s (the day started around 13, so I guess that reflected a warming trend!).

We may see a high of 58 (!!!!!) this week before another wave of snow (or rain?) late in the week. This most definitely is not the year to complain about moisture! 🙂