Surprise snow

23 02 2018

Reya; Temple Butte

Disappointment Valley and the surrounding area got a surprise snowfall Wednesday night and Thursday morning – or at least the timing was a surprise. Any snow is a surprise – and welcome! – this “winter,” frankly, after the terrible dryness.

Southwestern Colorado is classified now as “extreme” on the drought monitor. … As if we didn’t know.

But we have more in our forecast, and hopefully some will stick around. By late afternoon, the above, pictured with lovely Reya, was all that was left of a couple of inches of the wonderful wet whiteness.

C’mon, MORE! 🙂



Soft grey

20 02 2018

Juniper; McKenna Peak and Temple Butte

Pretty Juniper models her shaggy winter-mustang look as she walks past McKenna Peak and Temple Butte. We got a bit of winter moisture … some rain, some snow, some graupel. Some of it even stuck. Briefly. 🙂


Just another gorgeous red girl

16 02 2018

Gaia, Temple Butte, McKenna Peak

Gaia the gorgeous is such a cover model. 🙂

She does a heart – not good – but wonderful!

Nice spot for a nap

7 02 2018

Killian; Temple Butte and (barely) McKenna Peak

Young Killian found a perfectly photogenic spot for a nap in Spring Creek Basin … with Temple Butte looming beautifully in the background.

Disappointment Valley got rain in places and snow in places overnight Monday and early Tuesday morning. It’s just a little, but it’s hugely needed.

Rising and rising

1 02 2018

Almost-full moon rising overDisappointment Valley.

The moon rose hugely Tuesday night.

Wednesday morning, I rubbed the sleep out of my eyes early enough to *see* the bloody lunar eclipse but not quite early enough to get out and capture the bloody lunar eclipse on digital media. I’m not sure whether it disappeared for lack of light (it was pretty dim when I did see it, with just a sliver of silver moon showing at the very bottom of the orb) or whether clouds obscured it. Noticeably, no stars were visible in a fairly wide band above the horizon. By the time the sky was light enough to see detail, bloody clouds (they weren’t red …) were low above the western ridges.

But sunrise was briefly and sweetly – one might say bloody – spectacular. 🙂

Sunrise, morning of the super blue bloody moon eclipse.

Why yes, Virginia, that IS Temple Butte, silhouetted against the dawn. 🙂

Did you see the eclipse? How awed were you?? Share in the comments! 🙂

Doing good work

19 01 2018

A couple of days ago, we met up with our fabulous BLM guys to install the evaporation cover over the new trough – connected to the new water catchment apron – that we installed in 2016.


BLM rangeland management specialist Garth Nelson, left, figures out which drill bit to use to drill holes through the metal of the evaporation cover to attach it to the supports BLM range tech Justin Hunt is welding to the vertical posts. The post at right already has a piece welded to it.


See the metal thing inside the trough in front of Garth? That’s the critter ladder the guys built. It allows birds to get to the water or an animal that falls into the water to get out. Garth drilled a couple of holes and wired it to the edge of the trough.


Once everything was in place, Justin attached small square plates to the tops of the three vertical posts and welded them into place, then used the grinder to smooth the square edges. At the near corner, you can see the “trap door” the guys built into the cover so the float below it is accessible for any work or replacement that needs to be done. In the background, range specialist and herd manager Mike Jensen, right, talks with Garth while visiting with Bow, one of Kat Wilder’s dogs.


Sparks fly as Justin grinds the edges of the post caps to smooth roundness.

These guys thought of everything!

The cover will help preserve the water in the trough from evaporating so quickly. And with its installation, the new water-catchment project is officially complete. In warm weather, this will provide a second source of clean water for the horses.

Snow is in Saturday’s forecast. Please send good thoughts. This dry weather has to end.

A little flare

14 01 2018

Seneca; Temple Butte

Seneca tried to catch my scent in the brisk breeze. Apparently there was nothing to worry her; she spent the next half-hour napping while I lounged on a fallen juniper.