Big heart

30 11 2015


With that big heart, this could be none other than Corazon.

Mother Nature finally graced Disappointment Valley with a bit of graupel and feathery snowflakes, but very little and very light, and it was gone very quickly. Snow remains – as you see – in the far distance – and at higher elevations.

Rock away

29 11 2015


Black beauty Aurora walks past the rimrocks above Spring Creek canyon.

We’ve gone almost two weeks without moisture, but there’s almost always water down in the canyon or in the arroyo leading to the canyon. Amazingly, Spring Creek has run several times this year because of big rains over the basin. It doesn’t run very long (a full day is a long time), but it’s a small miracle when it does.

Golden arches

28 11 2015

Hollywood and Chrome

This bit of action between Hollywood and Chrome happened just after Sundance thought he was being left.

The only one left was me, as the horses ran off into the sunset. ๐Ÿ™‚

Don’t leave me

27 11 2015


Sundance, a bachelor, looked up mid-chew to see that his band was heading through an arroyo and over the ridge.


He caught up in a matter of seconds, but he was worried for a moment. ๐Ÿ™‚

Happy Thanksgiving!

26 11 2015

Cassidy Rain and feathered friend. She wasn't happy about it hitching a ride.

Thanksgiving has long been my favorite holiday, a time to outwardly express the gratefulness I feel year ’round. Sometimes (most of the time), I’m fairly bursting with gratitude!

Thank you, especially, dear readers who are interested in our Spring Creek Basin mustangs and have followed the evolution of this blog highlighting them. To be able to share my wonder in and gratitude for the mustangs is immeasurably fulfilling.

At the top of my list: My parents and brother, for being awesome, for raising us with horses, for *getting* my love of wild places and wild horses. The mustangs – everywhere – for all that they have given and give, for the magic they bring to the world, the beauty with which they fill it. Friends, fellow advocates, neighbors; each of you brings a wealth of joy to my life. My boss, who knows just exactly what this means to me. Disappointment Valley and Spring Creek Basin, here long before me … here long after me … for all those who came and stayed or passed through … for the protections in place in parts of this part of the world … for the absolute magic of place. Our BLM herd manager, who proves to be an enthusiastic partner in the good management and protection of our beloved horses. Every single one of *my* horses; for each of you, everything.

And with that, enjoy your *birds* and all the trimmings with those you love! (And for those we’ve lost in the past year, with love, we rememberย  you.)

So bright

25 11 2015

Full moon rising over Spring Creek Basin.

A full moon rises over wild ponies and Spring Creek Basin.

It was a super, incredible, amazing, fulfilling day, from beginning to end. These are the kinds of days, with the kinds of experiences, that stamp photographic memories in our brains and on our hearts.

These mustangs … these mustangs … ๐Ÿ™‚

Didja miss us?

24 11 2015

Comanche, Piedra and Kestrel

So glad to see these sparkling faces on a clear-blue day in Spring Creek Basin!

Unreality: Parts of our soil are damp – still – a week after our last rain/snow storm. Beautiful, wonderful, welcome fall moisture! And more – hopefully – is coming later this week. Blessed are we who are grateful!

Nine lives

21 11 2015

It is with horribly heavy heart that I report that the current external hard drive on which I store main photo files is – in the words of the computer repair guy – “toast.” He didn’t actually say “dead,” but the words “not alive” were spoken.

The good news is that my files are backed up as of a month ago. The bad news is that photos filed in the last month are “toast.”

The title of the post refers to the fact that it was one of my cats who caught the power cord and pulled the hard drive off the coffee table I use as a desk. It also means this particular drive didn’t have an extraordinary tenth life available. Sadly. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Posts are on hold until after the following: a) another visit to the ponies, b) getting my good (backup) hard drive back from the computer guy (who lives an hour and a half away) and c) early Thanksgiving with some far-flung neighbors this weekend.

It’s pretty amazing that this is the first time in my personal computer history that a hard drive has failed. It happens sooner or later to everyone. … Right? Argh.


19 11 2015

Storm and Gaia

Earth and water and soft, mountain-studded sky. Perfect complements to the wild beauty of our country’s wild lands.

Enjoying the view

18 11 2015

Temple, La Sal Mountains

Temple seems to enjoy the view of the snow-covered La Sal Mountains. This photo was taken hours before fresh snow blew in. At the basin’s elevation, the moisture was mostly rain; at higher elevations, the land got a couple to a few inches of winter white stuff.