Dear politicians …

31 08 2017

Killian, La Sal Mountains

Seriously, it’s time to put an end to the myth that all wild horses are starving on all public rangelands that they (and they alone) have destroyed.


Spring Creek Basin mustangs


Link to links about how to help people and animals suffering from the after-effects of Hurricane Harvey in Texas.

My folks have lived in Texas since 1992 (after an earlier tour of duty there in the early 1980s). Fortunately, they were on the northwestern edge of the swirl and are grateful for rain received after extremely hot and dry conditions. Our hearts are with all those affected by the devastation.

Gorgeous grey

30 08 2017


Trotting – not to be confused with tweeting – Maia moves up the hill to follow her band during the day of the eclipse.

Matchy, matchy

29 08 2017

Winona, McKenna Peak, Temple Butte

The green land turned golden in the last light of the day, matching beautiful buckskin Winona.

Shade master

28 08 2017


Comanche was smart to protect his eyes during the eclipse by hanging out under a shady juniper. 🙂

Boy of summer

27 08 2017


Killian does love his sunflower dessert. 🙂


26 08 2017

Maia and Houdini

Beautiful grey girls Maia and Houdini stand amid grass and four o’ clock flowers.

So much beauty.

Healthy horse, healthy range

25 08 2017

Kwana, McKenna Peak and Temple Butte

The title says it all.