Another baby and another stepdaddy

31 08 2012

S’aka with Corazon:

Two misters sharing grazing space. Right before the rain. 🙂

S’aka’s daddy is Copper, who still hangs out with the band as a bachelor. More and more, it seems Corazon has become the band stallion … but Chipeta seems to still prefer hanging out with Ty. I know I’ve said it before, but interesting dynamic in this band.

Not yet

30 08 2012

But soon!

She’s due Saturday.

Which means birthdays for big-girl Puzzle and young mister Asher, adopted last fall.

Chipeta and daughter Puzzle. That’s Corazon in the background.

Puzzle will be 2! Pretty pinto pony.

Double take

30 08 2012

Sisters Madison and Juniper. I love how they’re looking at the same thing … Madi’s nose lightly touching sister’s hip for comfort. Big sister takes good care of her baby sister.

Seldom seen

29 08 2012

Continuing the sons and fathers theme, here’s a pic of Killian, son of Seven.

And he bears a striking resemblance to big brother Ze, from his color to the curious tilt of his handsome face!

This pic was taken one evening in the basin. He’s still with mama Roja, and they’re still in the east pocket, and still with young Storm.

Roja, looking trim and fit.

Storm, hunky hunk that he is!

Killian and mama.

Isn’t he stunning? Hard to believe he’s only 4.

I saw them only by the chance sighting of Storm’s tail flashing seconds before he disappeared behind a hill close to the road. But it was a marvelous end to a magical evening with the ponies.

Everyday hum

28 08 2012

The more I learn … the more I learn. There aren’t always conclusions to draw from the observations I make of the horses. Sometimes, things I see come back a year or more later.

And sometimes, I see things that just make me smile.

Nothing special about this image. They’re all stallions. Seven (back grey) is 12. Kreacher is probably close. Tenaz (right) is 2.5. Apollo (with Kreacher) is 1.5.

So why did I take it, let alone post it? Why am I being all sentimental?

Right before last year’s roundup, Kreacher lost his band to Sundance, who still has the band. This spring, right around the time Skywalker was born, Apollo left or was kicked out of the band (their mother is Raven), and I finally found him with Hayden (almost 3) and Tenaz, and they’ve been wandering around, hanging out briefly with various other bachelors: Bounce, Poco, Duke, Aspen, Kreacher and Seven.

Apollo is Kreacher’s son. Now a young bachelor, Apollo – and his pals, Hayden and Tenaz – have hooked up, however briefly, with sire Kreacher and Kreacher’s new pal, Seven, who stole his (Kreacher’s) band back in 2008 after Grey/Traveler stole Seven’s band.

See how it all comes back around? 🙂

All legs

28 08 2012

Getting up from a nap:

Look at those baby muscles!

Yes, yes, I’m completely smitten. How must his lovely mother feel?

Terra has a baby

27 08 2012

It’s official: Terra is a mama! You all can say you told me so. 🙂

Can you tell that he has blue eyes? Just like Terra when she was a baby!

He’s a colt. Bay now but will turn grey. He has a big blaze and white on all four legs – like daddy Chrome!

Daddy Chrome. The timing of baby’s birth fits. She must have conceived immediately after Chrome acquired her and Winona after the roundup last year. (That’s one of the basin’s boundary fences in the background.)

The rest of his family: “Auntie” Winona checks out the little mister while he’s down for a nap. She is staying close to the new mama and baby.

New mama with her baby boy.

A storm was trying to move through, so I got sunshine and shade. The light was fantastic.


Worth mentioning: Grey/Traveler, Terra’s daddy, is granddaddy. He surely is a grandpa many times over, but this baby is the first I can confirm. A legacy worth preserving!

Two baby girls

27 08 2012

Cuter than cute.

Temple in the foreground; drowsy Madison in the background.

Taken on a stormy evening full of possibility. (But no rain.)

Suddenly seen

23 08 2012

Around a bend came I, and there they were, like ghosts made real.

Kreacher, left, and Seven. And … do you see the ghost in the background?

Who? Why … Hou……dini!

Grey/Traveler’s band.

Up the hill – way up – Sundance’s band.

Out on the edge of the valley, Aspen and Bounce – and the younger misters.

Already visited below the trickle: Comanche’s and Hollywood’s.

Oh, the magic of the evening. No words. Not many, anyway. 🙂

Another three (of four)

23 08 2012

And mama is there, at right.

I love their faces. So serene. Family time (all the time).

They’re still traveling with Hollywood’s band.