That horse, that landscape

31 08 2021

Storm the magnificent. Even rocking his bizarre mohawk, he’s such a studly stud.

My heart is full.

Bestie girls

30 08 2021

Sometimes you just need a friend to help you with an irksome itch. Temple and Madison have been best girlfriends for many years.

Goodly grazing

29 08 2021

It doesn’t get much better than sitting in a wild expanse on a summer evening, surrounded by horses, listening to the squeak of grasses being snipped and chewed. Spirit keeps a close eye on me while she grazes next to Hollywood. (Check out his leg stripes!)

Under the peak

28 08 2021

Raven and Terra nap on a sunny, mostly-blue-sky day in Spring Creek Basin. There’s still a hint of smoke in the sky, but it’s getting better all the time. 🙂

An ode to rain

27 08 2021

It’s our lifeblood, and it keeps us in the *green* of health!

This pic is from a week or so ago. We’ve had some blue-sky days again with smoke just on the edges.


26 08 2021

A happy and cheerful bonus from the recent rains: sunflowers!

Corazon thinks so, too!

When any of the horses encounters one of the yellow-petaled beauties, they’re quick to eat them.

I see you

25 08 2021

You’re impossible to ignore, gorgeous. 🙂

Reflection perfection

24 08 2021

There might be too much muckety muck along the “shoreline” to truly reflect “perfection,” but how many times could I use that rhyme in a blog-post title?!

And Sundance? Of course, he puts the perfect in perfection, so really, it IS truth in advertising!

Earthly beauty

23 08 2021

The day after our full day of rain, we had some blue back in our sky. In other directions, the smoke was only too noticeable (it wasn’t missable, unfortunately), but coppery red Gaia against the blue sky with Temple Butte in the background is – smooch! – perfection!

Alert to all who go there

22 08 2021

It’s been a little while since Sundance has graced this blog. That’s because he likes to wander the far eastern side of Spring Creek Basin, and with the monsoon rains a few weeks ago and resultant erosion in places, it’s been a bit more difficult to access the farthest areas of the basin.

The couple of days before this image was taken, we got an amazing drenching of rain! It’s hard to see, but that’s the Spring Creek arroyo below Sundance, and it was still pretty muddy and mushy from the running water. All of the ponds I saw on my route were FULL. Not just “they have water now” but literally full to the brim. If the initial sightings of the ponds with water was an immense joy, this recent sighting of them all FULL was just incredible!

Sundance and his mare had already made their way to the pond behind me, and in this image, he’s catching sight of another band making their way to their evening drink. Such a seemingly simple thing … which hasn’t been simple at all during our ongoing drought. We are so amazingly grateful for the rain and for the mustangs to have relatively “easy” access to ponds again!