We have the coolest neighbors

31 12 2017

Fox - common gray fox

Isn’t this little guy/gal gorgeous?!

It’s a “common gray fox,” and my Field Guide to the Rocky Mountains says they eat rabbits, rodents, birds, grasshoppers, fruit and berries. They “often climb trees, unlike fox and coyote”! They’re found on the “lower slopes of mountains, wooded canyons and scrubby plains” in “southeastern Wyoming (rare), western, central and southeastern Colorado.” The book also says they’re “mainly nocturnal, year-round.”

Fortunately for my camera and me, this one didn’t get the nocturnal memo. 🙂


Happy New Year’s Eve!

She’s all that

30 12 2017

Gaia and Storm; McKenna Peak and Temple Butte

America’s *NEXT* top model. 🙂

America’s top model

29 12 2017


No “next” about it. Sundance has it all.

Bluebird pintos

28 12 2017

Puzzle and Spirit; McKenna Peak and Temple Butte

Just another gorgeous, warm, dry winter day in Spring Creek Basin.

Fifty-three degrees in late-December Colorado is not normal. Fortunately, the horses live in the moment, and 53 degrees on a late-December Colorado day just feels nice.


27 12 2017

Aspen and Seven

At 49 degrees under Colorado sunshine, ice and snow melt quickly.

We’d take another dose of white stuff if anyone has any to spare. 🙂

And just like that …

26 12 2017

Storm; McKenna Peak and Temple Butte

… the snow is very nearly almost completely totally mostly gone.

Storm is one of our whitest bits of white in the basin during this brown winter. And one of the handsomest, too. 🙂

Merry Christmas …

25 12 2017


… and to all, peace on this wild Earth.

Snow world

24 12 2017

Winona; Round Top and Brumley Point

Sometimes, they seem to pause and enjoy the view. 🙂


Merry Christmas Eve!

Sharing space

23 12 2017

Skywalker and S'aka

Skywalker and S’aka are competitors … and they’re also best buds.

Happy winter solstice

22 12 2017


Mother Nature and Santa teamed up to bring us a truly welcome gift for the winter solstice: snow.

The whole wide local world was under puffy, pillowy snow in the morning. This photo was taken in the late afternoon, after that famous Colorado sunshine had been at work most of the day.

Thank you, thank you for the much-needed moisture.