‘Simple’ geology

30 06 2019


All those layers and humps and ridges and rills are fascinating, eh? A lot like that big grey boy in the lower part of the image, looking calm and cool … as he watches a young bachelor out of the frame. 🙂


29 06 2019


Corazon, in the course of his grazing, picked up a little sprig of something that may not have been quite to his liking. But there’s plenty more that’s keeping the ponies fat and sassy this year!


28 06 2019


Sometimes he has a goal; sometimes he’s just chillin’ with his pals.

Green light

27 06 2019

Storm; Temple Butte and Brumley Point

Handsome boy in a beautiful landscape.

Soft ‘n prickly

26 06 2019

Flowering prickly pear cactus

Flowers still are blooming in the basin.

When friends crash your photo shoot

25 06 2019

Kestrel and Comanche

Kestrel and Comanche

Again, you’re welcome for your morning chuckle. 🙂


24 06 2019

Maia, Alegre and Houdini

What other critters has this amazing and ancient juniper tree sheltered in its shade over decades – or centuries??

Maia, Alegre and Houdini certainly appreciate its shade.