31 08 2019


What IS it about Sundance that the light loves?!

Only just about everything, as far as I can tell. 🙂

Sun on the flowers

30 08 2019


Hayden – and most of the other mustangs – loves sunflowers. He spent a considerable amount of time going from stalk to stalk, carefully nibbling the flowers of each. The sunflowers are prevalent this year, a boon for the mustangs. 🙂


29 08 2019


Now it’s time to “race” back to Spring Creek Basin. Maiku is showing us the way!

I hope you all enjoyed the little glimpse into a beautiful meadow near the top of Green Mountain, Wyoming. ALL our wild horses, in every state, on every range, are worth celebrating. 🙂

Little bitty pretty girls

28 08 2019


One last look from the littlest members of the band. 🙂

What an absolute gift to spend time with these mustangs near the top of Green Mountain in Wyoming! Many, many thanks again to Lynn for map, directions and info. Thank you, thank you for sharing these amazing, wild Wyoming mustangs!

The tree

27 08 2019

Grey stallion's band on Green Mountain, Wyoming.

Finally, it was nap time for the whole band, but instead of lying down, they congregated under this gorgeous pine tree on the far edge of the meadow from where they’d been when I first saw them. … Oddly enough, the presence of my Jeep, parked nearby (I was not aware that this was their favorite tree in the whole meadow!), didn’t deter them.

Grey stallion's band on Green Mountain, Wyoming.

This was my cue to take my leave of these gorgeous wild lovelies in their stunning mountain home.

Almost. 🙂

Soooo sleepy

26 08 2019

Grey stallion with napping babies on Green Mountain, Wyoming.

Sweet babies know they’re safe with Daddy patrolling their nap zone.

Grey stallion with big band on Green Mountain, Wyoming.

And not too much later, Daddy himself laid down for a roll and a quick shut-eye. 🙂

Curiosity overcomes

25 08 2019

Pretty grey mare in light-grey stallion's band on Green Mountain, Wyoming.

THIS gorgeous girl was like the prettiest little wild Welsh pony mare on the planet. Isn’t she lovely?

P.S. I’m still on sitting on the same rock … 🙂