The glow of beauty

30 09 2017


Just another gorgeous grey mustang. Pretty Juniper.

Sigh. 🙂


29 09 2017


Is he cuter than words or what? Sundance the hunky. 🙂

Twilight light

28 09 2017

Comanche, McKenna Peak, Temple Butte

Not much color like that last night. But we had rain, which was even better! And it’s even better for that luscious grass Comanche is walking through – and grazing – keeping his mares in line on their way to an evening drink.

Shadow on the land

27 09 2017


With a home like that, why would you ever leave?

With good management Shadow – and all her herd mates – never should have to!


26 09 2017

Gaia, McKenna Peak

Her home includes that horizon every day.

The most beautiful, tangled knot

25 09 2017


Oh, Spirit.

You are beauty for ours.


Yay, RAIN!

24 09 2017


Weather forecast that was 100 percent awesomely correct = HAPPY!

(Spring Creek Basin is northeast of Dove Creek, beyond the deep trench of the Dolores River canyon.)

Glow in the wind

23 09 2017


We had a bit of a wind event in the region.

Hopefully it will bring rain to the region.

22 09 2017


Dear politicians,

When our stallions are so fat that we giggle and joke and speculate about when they’re due to foal, we’re #NotStarving and our range is #NotDestroyed.

Spring Creek Basin mustangs


P.S. I’m not even kidding! 🙂

Whatcha thinkin’?

21 09 2017


One more of handsome Hayden, peeking through eyeball-tall grass.

You really don’t mind seeing this looker again, do you? 🙂