31 10 2012

Something beautiful this way comes.

Kwana and “auntie” Winona, walking into sunset (on their way to water).

Double the beauty.

Happy Halloween, folks!

Beauty in motion

30 10 2012

Handsome Hollywood was just featured in a post, but he’s just so photogenic!

Bounce was hanging out with the bands, and Holls was turning back after chasing him away.

Oh, moon

29 10 2012

Isn’t she lovely?

Comanche moon

28 10 2012

What if we threw out everything we thought we new about the Earth and the moon, the universe, the galaxy, the tides and turns of season.

What if it was angels – just angels – lifting the moon into the sky. Raising it – and our hopes and prayers – and lifting those we hope and pray for.

What if miracles happen?

Such beauty in the world.

What if we could hold onto it always?

Two red, one dark

28 10 2012

These beauties are in Storm’s band:

Red Roja, red Gaia and dark Cassidy Rain. Watchful girls in the wind.

In other news, happy birthday, Mom! Love you!

Soft and sweet

27 10 2012

Madison and daddy Comanche. This young daddy is a very good daddy!

Mr. Studly

26 10 2012

Hollywood and Shane:

Do you love those stripes??