Giving thanks

28 11 2013

Storm and Mysterium

Be kind to each other.

Be grateful for each other.

Be thankful for those you love.

Be blessed in your knowledge of things wild and beautiful. Pass it on.

Remember, in this land of the free, what we fight for and why (not only in our own country, not only human beings). Remember those losing their freedom, even now.

Give thanks, be grateful, help others.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Pinto moon

22 11 2013

Reya, Spirit, S'aka and Maiku in the background.

Reya and her babies and little brother rest under a rising moon last month.


21 11 2013

Temple and Piedra, La Sal Mountains in the background.

Piedra and her big girl Temple. Fuzzy girls are about to see more snow on the La Sals – and possibly in Spring Creek Basin.


18 11 2013

Copper, unnamed promontory and Lone Cone.

Handsome Copper in late light with the unnamed promontory and Lone Cone in the background. Not a much-seen view from the basin; in fact, the horses were down toward the far southeastern boundary, deep in McKenna Peak Wilderness Study Area. Snow still on the Cone, and we may see more of the white stuff by the end of the week and over the weekend. He looks wonderfully healthy, copper in the bronze light.


17 11 2013

Seneca napping with Tenaz

Seneca and Tenaz catch some zzzz’s together on a blustery cold morning. It started raining shortly after this.

Falling gold

16 11 2013

Alegre, Maia and Corona in Grey's band.

On a rainy November night, remembering a golden warm October day.


Power to the Seven-th

13 11 2013


Seven hit the brakes and changed direction when he came up from a little drainage to warn Hayden away and saw me – too!

In honor of veterans

11 11 2013

Bounce at sunset.

For your service in honor of country and countrymen (and women), for your sacrifices and in acknowledgement of the sacrifices your loved ones make, for the courage of your willingness to step forward, for your patriotism and valor, for the wounds you carry, for your return … and for those who have not and do not, thank you, American veterans.

Not-yet-amber waves

10 11 2013

Gaia and grass (galleta?)

Gaia and galleta. Reaping the rewards of September rains.

What weird weather we had this year: Drought and the threat of hay shortages because of drought, then rain and floods and the destruction of the hay that was grown.

In Spring Creek  Basin, our mustangs took it all in stride and feasted on the plentiful grasses and waded in knee and hock deep to drink from full ponds. For a beautiful stretch of time, it truly was mustang paradise. Now those grasses ARE amber. The horses are thick-coated and round-bellied. And in the beautiful golden days before winter, they graze like kings in the desert.

Galleta grass in Spring Creek Basin.

Hollywood moon

9 11 2013


Hollywood at moonrise last month. Two consecutive evenings in the basin with the mustangs were amazingly beautiful, made magical with the nearly full moon rising over the far ridges.