Grey on grey

31 03 2022

Gorgeous grey Alegre naps in the wind the day before the rain came. I hope she found even more mud. 🙂


30 03 2022

Hollywood is about 20 now. He’s still a formidable band stallion, the last of the main stallions I first starting documenting almost 15 years ago.

I wonder what he thinks of the years that have passed, the seasons he’s seen. Long may he live, wild and free.

(The day of this photo was extremely windy; I don’t know about him, but *I* was weary of the wind.)

Top ‘o the world

29 03 2022

Hard to believe this was all under a vast sea at one point, millennia past, eh? We don’t need floods, but we do need rain.



As of about 8 a.m., we had received the most lovely 0.18 inch of wonderful, grass- and greasewood- and other-growing and -greening rain. 🙂

Happy, happy goes the dance!

A little wild beauty

28 03 2022

Pretty, wise Mysterium surely looks forward to spring, even with snow lingering in the background.

Slowly but surely, bits of green are starting to appear. Soon enough, there’ll be no snow, coats will be slick, water will be scarce and temps will be rising beyond comfortable. Temps already are approaching 70s, which, right now, feel pretty darn good.

Swing that wild mane, girl

27 03 2022

Mustang girls like their bling, too. 🙂


26 03 2022

I love showing these near-and-far images, and I hope you, dear readers, enjoy seeing them! We have such spectacular imagery within Spring Creek Basin and beyond, not limited to our magnificent mustangs. 😉


25 03 2022

Only a stallion supremely confident naps while his mare keeps her sleepy eyes on the “intruder.”

Buckeye is one supremely confident guy. 🙂 (Do you love his white eyelashes?!)

Good boy

24 03 2022

It’s not real obvious here, but Sundance has the cutest mustachio in Spring Creek Basin. 🙂

We all talk about our “good sides,” but really, does Sundance have a *bad* side?!

Angles and light

23 03 2022

And one very pretty *angel*. 🙂

Pinto on the move

22 03 2022

We got another little dose of moisture yesterday in the form of light drizzle and then light/wet snow that melted on impact with the ground. Maybe it means that the basin will soon be showing some green. And who doesn’t like spring green?!