So long, 2013

31 12 2013


Here’s hoping you all can look back on a good 2013 and that we can look forward to a better 2014.

While our mustangs in Spring Creek Basin fared pretty well – especially once the rains finally came in the second half of the year – many of our country’s other mustangs lost their families and freedom forever. And America’s mustangs aren’t the planet’s only wild horses under fire. … And not only wild horses are at risk of abuses at the hands of humans.

It’s up to us to give our horses clear voices that reach around the world.

It’s the Year of the Horse, after all!

Snow white

29 12 2013

Corona, Brumley Point

In the few days since this photo was taken, most of the snow has melted.

Corona and Brumley Point.

Snow dances accepted. 🙂

Next gen

28 12 2013

Maia and Houdini

Maia and Houdini. The “black” girl someday will be as grey as her “auntie,” and her snow mustache won’t be nearly as noticeable. 🙂

We do need more snow. It has been warm and melty, and snow mud has become mud soup. Can’t deny that the days have been gorgeous, but I’d like to order some heaping helpings of snow!

A pony for Christmas

27 12 2013


Grey/Traveler got a pony for Christmas! Sometime in the last few days, he acquired Shane. His other girls seem to accept her right into the family. The mister still is going strong.

All I want for Christmas …

25 12 2013

Alegre and Houdini, La Sal Mountains.

… is that these mustangs know freedom and wildness always.

Many thanks to all of you for supporting our Spring Creek Basin mustangs. May you know peace  and wildness in the coming year.

Merry Christmas!


23 12 2013

Cassidy Rain and the unnamed promontory.

Cassidy Rain with two of Spring Creek Basin’s most prominent landmarks in the background: McKenna Peak (though it’s hard to distinguish from this view) and the unnamed promontory. Classic wildness.

Pretty in white

22 12 2013


Pretty Piedra.

Happy solstice (yesterday)! Now we begin the rise from the dark of winter to the light of spring. On the solstice in Disappointment Valley, it snowed. I like to take that as a good sign of moisture to come.

Leading ladies

20 12 2013

Gaia and Cassidy Rain

Gorgeous Gaia and her daughter, Cassidy Rain, at sunset. Don’t their thick coats look warm and beautiful? It has been warm lately (40s and 50s!), and lots of our snow has melted. Our forecast snow hasn’t yet arrived.

Storm, framed

19 12 2013

Storm, La Sal Mountains

Storm follows his band as the very last sunlight of the day touches Spring Creek Basin and the La Sal Mountains.

Now the forecast doesn’t show snow until Friday. The mud is getting, well, muddy. Some fresh snow would be welcome. The ponies certainly aren’t hurting for groceries.

Mountain riches

18 12 2013

Storm, Gaia, Cassidy Rain and Mysterium

Storm and his band beneath the La Sal Mountains. Those patches of brown may soon disappear under white again if the forecast holds true and we get snow toward the end of this week. Gaia’s coat just glows in the late light, doesn’t it?

These are the riches we should strive for in support of America’s wildness. Celebrate the 42nd anniversary of the Wild Free-Roaming Wild Horses and Burros Act; celebrate the “tonic of wildness” that we have and must not lose.