Splish splash

30 04 2022

Mustang see, mustang do?

Or baths (are) better shared? 🙂

Come meet the mustangs!

29 04 2022

Reminder: If you’re local and want to meet a Spring Creek Basin mustang, come to Canyons of the Ancients Visitor Center and Museum – 27501 Highway 184 above Dolores – between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. tomorrow, Saturday, April 30.

Big grey Whisper and little bay Skipper, along with their adopters, Tif Rodriguez and Keith Bean, will be very glad to meet you! Tif and Keith will talk about their adoption/mustang experiences and answer anything you want to know about potentially adopting your very own mustang. 🙂

In addition, Kat Wilder will read from her memoir, Desert Chrome, published last year. Books will be available for sale and signing.

We’ll be in the plaza outside the museum between the above hours – you won’t be able to miss the mustangs and their admirers!

From last year: Skipper, Keith Bean, Alice Billings, moi, Lyn Rowley, Amala Posey-Monk, Kat Wilder, Karen Keene Day, Tif Rodriguez & Whisper.

Peeking through the open

28 04 2022

Disappointment Creek doesn’t flow through Spring Creek Basin in Disappointment Valley, which is too bad because when it flows, it’s a good source of flowing (though usually very silty/muddy) water in a dry land.

Here, Kwana is looking through trees at some of his mares, and although I was uphill of him, I was happy to get some background in the frame of the south ridge above Disappointment Creek. It’s a rare background because the horses are rarely in that area of the basin.

Landscape glow

27 04 2022

It won’t be long before Terra sheds her “beard” for summer sleekness. 🙂

Range of view

26 04 2022

Chipeta keeps an eye on me with her band nearby. She never relaxes her guard, this wise, old girl. 🙂

Windy, dusty days

25 04 2022

Colorado spring = strong wind = dusty horizons.


24 04 2022

Velvety girl Cassidy Rain will be shedding soon. … Maybe I should say that she’ll be *shed out* soon. The ponies are responding to light and warmth. Hot days will be here soon. Hopefully with accompanying rain.

Gettin’ friendly

23 04 2022

Since the girls from Sand Wash Basin arrived, Dundee, who is a year older than Aiyanna and Rowan, has taken a very protective role. Aiyanna warmed up pretty quickly to Buckeye, but Dundee has been more protective of her girls and a little slower to warm up to Buckeye. So on this day, I was kind of quietly thrilled to see her and Buckles getting a little more friendly.

A bit o’ mud ‘n blue

22 04 2022

As much as I actively try to catch the light shining through Kwana’s clear blue eyes, it ends up being a random head turn that enables to light to shine so clearly through. 🙂


Happy Earth Day!

Do something kind for yourselves and Earth – our own, collective home range – today!

Peaceful waters

21 04 2022

Enough water to wade into = love.