31 01 2014

Ty with a mouthful.

Ty bit off a little more than he could chew. I think that’s snakeweed, and they do eat it, but not usually in one giant mouthful!

RIP, Garnet Pasquale

30 01 2014

Pinto band

Rest is not for one such as Garnet, a person her friends called a “warrior woman,” tireless in her efforts to protect mustangs, particularly in her home state of Nevada.

Garnet contacted me a few years ago to learn about documenting mustangs and about PZP. As mentor advocates had done for me, I passed that knowledge along to Garnet, and she developed tools to help form the Spring Mountain Alliance and offer solutions to protect their mustangs. “Paying it forward” gave me immense satisfaction.

Garnet’s friend Arlene said Garnet would give us nudges to keep us moving in the right direction. Coming up on the one-year anniversary of the passing of my mustang friend Pati Temple, I can vouch for the truth of that. These warriors still are in the fight.

Heaven is richer for these angels we’ve called friends, and for sweet girl Ryah, who joined them today.

Your nudges are felt.

Grass and light and spots

29 01 2014

Copper, Spirit, S'aka and Reya

Copper and Reya with her babies in pretty late light. Spirit is nearly as big as S’aka.

Amazingly, we have rain and snow in the forecast. Any wetness to hit our dry ground is welcome.

Two, interested

27 01 2014

Maia, Alegre and Houdini

Still some snow out there, but it’s going, going. The grey girls should be camouflaged in winter snow, but they stand out against the brown.

Maia, Alegre and Houdini are pretty girls, aren’t they!

Sunshine girls

25 01 2014

Seneca and Chipeta

Seneca sports her own spot. Not quite like mama’s, but who’s to quibble?

Visiting neighbors

24 01 2014

Elk herd in Spring Creek Basin.

These lovely ladies have made themselves at home in Spring Creek Basin. It surely beats wading through snow in the high country, though “snow” is a term planets away from this country this winter.

This pic was taken after sunset as I was walking away from a divine visit with the horses. Lots of critters call the basin home.

Something about …

23 01 2014

Spring Creek Basin, Disappointment Valley, La Sal Mountains

It’s a beautiful view, isn’t it?

Madison, Spring Creek Basin, Disappointment Valley, La Sal Mountains

But there’s something about adding a horse, wild, that takes a view this beautiful and makes it magic. Knowing they are there, in the wild heart of America, should make us all believe in things bigger and better than ourselves.


22 01 2014

Hollywood, La Sal Mountains

Hollywood with a faraway look in his eye. He was hanging with his band while the other horses were below a nearby ridge.


21 01 2014

Chrome courts Mariah.

Chrome finds some with Mariah, if only to relieve an itch.

Clouds welcome

20 01 2014

Cassidy Rain

Cassidy Rain on a rare cloudy day.

In the land of sunshine and postcard-perfect days, some clouds – and moisture – would be very welcome.