The band formerly known as Kreacher’s

28 09 2011

The day before the roundup actually got under way, we were setting up at the new trapsite, and I think we were all amazed when Kreacher’s band went racing across the hill to the west – with Sundance immediately behind them, Chrome behind him and Kreacher trailing. Sundance had been a mostly lone bachelor since losing Mahogany and Eliana to Aspen this spring right after Eli was born. I had to go for my binoculars to confirm what my eyes were telling me. Then they were over the hill, out of sight, and there was Chrome’s band.

The lay of the land made the west side of Filly Peak a good place for a trapsite, but when I found out the helicopter would be bringing horses in around the “back side,” I was concerned. The “flats” and the area between Filly Peak and corral hill are some of the most broken and cut by arroyos in the whole basin, though it’s very deceptive to look at. So I set off with two BLM guys – two of the best men I’ve ever met – and we hiked around to check the horses’ trails and tracks they’d likely follow to get from yonder to the trap. On our way back, here came Jif, Hayden, Two Boots, Rio and Boreas, galloping around toward us. They passed us, but stopped, then, while we waited to see what they’d do – where they’d go – they turned around and galloped back around (toward the trap and where they’d come from – where they’d “lost” Chrome), kicking up their heels as they went.

Though I’ve found it difficult to hike that part of the basin, by the way the helicopter brought them around, the horses clearly had no trouble negotiating the terrain. I want to say again how impressed I was with the helicopter pilot.

Back to “Kreacher’s band,” they were not targeted during the roundup (thank you again to the pilot), and so I never saw them during those days … or the day after when I went back into the basin to look for horses. Chrome’s did, of course, come in. Jif deserves her own post at some point … Two Boots was adopted by a very nice lady; Boreas went to a nice couple very close to Disappointment Valley; Rio is getting ace marks from his adopters – eating from her hand and being led by a break-away string around his neck.

All that leads up to me being anxious – let alone eager – to find this particular band.

Sundance with Raven and Apollo.

Raven, Apollo, Mysterium and Kootenai.

Baby girl with mama. Not too many bugs but pretty warm. (We were wearing jackets during the roundup!)

Apollo with baby sister Mysterium.

Playing – Sundance in the background.

Mysterium and mama Kootenai

And what about Kreacher? Well, he’s alone right now. He was very close to Duke on Tuesday, but they may or may not hook up. I wouldn’t count either mister out.

Killian and family

28 09 2011

Killian, son of Seven and Roja, baby brother of Ze, who was adopted locally to an incredible home.

I had one of the best visits ever with his band yesterday. That’s Shane’s hip at right – and they’re pretty much attached at the hip. Cutest thing ever to see Killian walk hesitantly up with Shane to introduce themselves to Juniper. Little guy using big “sister” to bolster his curiosity. Juni wasn’t quite ready to play, though she gave them both a sniff, and then Piedra urged them back to their own mamas.

Wait, did I just mention horses from three different bands? 🙂

Piedra and Hollywood are reunited, and Juni and mama and daddy, Kestrel and Comanche, are reunited, and the two bands are as close as they were pre-roundup. They were grazing in a little “meadow” very near where Seven’s were napping under some trees when I spotted them. Seven ran Aspen like a crazy horse the evening before, but Aspen was napping right with them.

Mona and Roja. Mona doesn’t look terribly close, does she?

All three bands, from left: Mona, Roja, Shane and Killian, Seven, Hollywood, Piedra (Comanche behind her), Juniper and Kestrel, and Aspen at far right.

Back to work

27 09 2011

Prepare yourselves for information overload. You want it, and I have a good bit to share.

But first, I know people are crazy to know about this little girl, especially:

Mysterium is right as rain. Taken this morning.

Daddy Kreacher, however, has lost the band to Sundance. This happened right before the roundup. The last I saw them, Kreacher was trailing Sundance – and Chrome. I saw Kreacher today and yesterday, and this morning, he was fairly close to Duke.

Lots of photos to go through to illustrate the info I have, but here are some tidbits to tide you over:

* Mona is still pregnant. At this point, I don’t expect her to foal before October. Yep, that’s late. Naught to do but watch. (Interestingly, Roja also was a month “late” this year … ‘course, for her, “late” was May instead of April.) We’re supposed to have another La Niña winter in this part of Colorado …

* Almost all the stallions and mares that were together before the roundup have returned to each other. The exception is Bounce, who lost Houdini to Traveler in the last week … but hasn’t (yet?) gotten Alegre from Traveler.

* Grass looks really great in some areas, and most of the ponds are brimming with water after that rain we got.

* The horses look amazing and are headed into winter in just about the best possible condition.

* I found all but three horses (stallions): David, Poco and Roach.


Things are still up in the air about the horses at Canon City, but some people are working to provide all of them with great homes. If you’re interested in helping with that effort (looking for monetary donations for equipment/hay/board, etc.), please let me know {mtbgrrl (at) fone (dot) net}, and I will put you in touch with the appropriate people. Thank you!

Looking ahead

25 09 2011

With everything that has happened, the adoption behind us, people working for the horses at Canon City, the horses in the basin are now foremost in my thoughts. Getting back to them is what I look forward to now.

We’ve all been on an emotional roller coaster, but just like last time, we’re already at work evaluating what happened and what we can change, what worked, what didn’t, ways we can offer our help.

Lots of positives, starting with these:


Chipeta and Puzzle – they’re with Ty, still, and back with Reya and Maiku. Copper is with them.


Ty, trotting out to have a chat with Copper. After so long in Copper’s shadow, Ty has asserted his dominance.

Reya, Puzzle, Chipeta in back and Maiku

Gaia … might be expecting a spotted baby in the spring …


Alegre (Aurora is nursing – see her ear?) and Gaia.

Traveler … looks pretty good for an “old” man, eh? He was aged at “aged.” How I love him.

Always stunning.

Tenaz and Corona


Final adoption tally

25 09 2011

Ze and Milagro were adopted – very locally – this morning, and Gideon, Hannah and Briosa were picked up, so just Pinon, Baylee, Iya and Liberty went on to Canon City. Fran Ackley told one of our NMA/CO folks that this was the best adoption in three years.

Thank you thank you thank you thank you to all the adopters who made it happen.

We have tentative word that all the horses that initially went to Canon City have been spoken for.

I’ve had word already about Sage and Cuatro (adopted together, and Hannah and Briosa are joining them) Varoujan and Rio, and all of them are doing very well and settling right into their new homes. The adopted foal is doing amazingly well – Ze joined him this morning.

If anyone is interested in Pinon (3-year-old colt), Baylee (4-year-old mare), Iya (3-year-old mare) or Liberty (2-year-old filly), get in touch with me, and I will put you in touch with Lona Kossnar at Canon City (or contact her directly). Each horse’s certificate that I made went with Lona, and it will stay with them if you adopt that horse.

Another adoption update

24 09 2011

I hope to have another one tomorrow, when all is said and done at the fairgrounds, but for now, a quick note to let ya’ll know how really well the adoption went today.

All the foals were adopted and have gone to new homes.

A few horses are waiting at the fairgrounds for pickup in the morning, and we think we’ll have at least one other adopted then.

Just five horses – Iya (3, filly), Baylee (4, filly), Liberty (2, filly), Milagro (2, colt) and Pinon (3, colt) – still need homes, so if you’re at all conflicted, you have until tomorrow morning to decide (the earlier you can get there, the better; we’ll start tearing down at 8 a.m.). Those horses will then go to Canon City, where you also may adopt them at a later date.

Thank you so much to the folks who adopted our Spring Creek Basin mustangs! Please keep in touch and let us know how you’re getting along!

Many thanks again to Fran, Lona and Ted from Canon City, and to our own Tom Rice and Ann Bond, who were there all day (and yesterday).

Wild Bunch … couldn’t do it without you … Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Ponies … we love you, will miss you, know you will be loved still.

Adoption update

23 09 2011

We had a fantastic turnout tonight for our pre-adoption training demo with Ems Rapp and Rock On. They were fantastic!

We are so thankful to all of you who came to see our Spring Creek Basin mustangs. We got to talk to some great people who were really curious about the horses and were asking great questions. It makes me feel really great that our horses are going to find some marvelous homes. (Keep in touch with us, please?!)

I updated the “Adoption horses” post with the horses’ tag numbers and which pens they’re in.

Here are some pictures of Ems and fabulous Rock On. We thank you so much!

Ems and Rock On with a very attentive audience at the Montezuma County Fairgrounds.

Isn’t he gorgeous? Maybe a little relation to Hollywood or his mama?

Don’t forget that if you adopt one of our mustangs, we (NMA/CO) can have Ems come to your place to help get you both started. Find one of us with the black shirts and turquoise mustang-and-sun logo, and we’ll get your contact info.

See ya’ll tomorrow.