Adoption horses

21 09 2011

Update: I added the tag numbers for all the horses, so you’ll be able to ID them all at the adoption.

These are the horses waiting for someone to adopt them and give them a great home.

Some pertinent info:

Durango trainer Ems Rapp will offer a training demo from 5 to 7 p.m. Friday in the outdoor arena at the Montezuma County Fairgrounds (U.S. Highway 160 a few miles east of Cortez). I think we’ll be on the bleacher side of the arena, away from the pens where the horses are. She’s bringing her Spring Creek Basin mustang, Rock On, adopted in 2007 as a 2-year-old.

The Colorado chapter of the National Mustang Association will pay for a training session with Ems to help folks with their new mustangs, and we hope people will take advantage of her skills and experience. She’s fantastic with horses. We’ll have more details at the adoption. Please talk to us if you’re interested in adopting one of our mustangs and want to take advantage of this – we hope you will.

The adoption will be held Saturday at the fairgrounds. Come early to sign up with BLM; the bidding will happen from 10 to 11 a.m.

Our Wild Bunch folks will be there both days to talk to people about the horses. I had hoped to have packets to send home with people, but I’m going to have to get contact info and get it to you. Just too much going on and not enough time between now and then. I will talk with everyone I can about the horses. Our volunteers should be wearing black T-shirts with a turquoise mustang-and-sun logo.

Foals (all between 4 and 5 months old):

Cougar (Hollywood x Iya) - 8307 (pen 9)

Coal (David x Shadow) - 8310 (pen 8)

Deniz (Traveler x Houdini) - 8301 (pen 9)

Briosa (Hollywood x Piedra) - 8303 (pen 9)

Varoujan (Butch x Luna) - 8309 (pen 8)

Eliana (Sundance x Mahogany) - 8302 (pen 8)

Boreas (Chrome x Two Boots) - 8306 (pen 9)



Fierro (Mouse (?) x Ember) - 8299 (pen 1)

Gideon (Steeldust x Luna) - 8300 (pen 2)

Rio (Traveler or Twister x Two Boots) - 8311 (pen 5)

Wind (David x Shadow) - 8315 (pen 6)


Cuatro (Traveler or Twister x Two Boots) - 8293 (pen 2)

Milagro (Copper x Kiowa) - 8294 (pen 2)

Sage (Hollywood x Piedra) - 8297 (pen 1)

Whisper (Bounce x Alegre) - 8295 (pen 1)

Ze (Seven x Roja) - 8296 (pen 2)


Pinon (Steeldust (?) x Mahogany) - 8298 (pen 1)



Hannah (Steeldust x Luna) - 8313 (pen 6)

Liberty (Seven x Molly) - 8312 (pen 4)

Sable (Steeldust x Mahogany) - 8316 (pen 7)


Ember (? x Luna) - 8317 (pen 7)

Iya (Junior (?) x Houdini) - 8304 (pen 7)

Spook (? x Kiowa) - 8314 (pen 4)


Baylee (? x Mahogany) - 8308 (pen 5)

Two Boots (Junior (?) x Houdini) - 8305 (pen 4)



10 responses

22 09 2011
Linda Horn

Thanks, TJ. I woke up thinking I needed to put a list & pictures together. Then the fog cleared, and I remembered … TJ’s already doing that! I don’t know where my brain’s been lately. So much happening with Mustangs in so many places.

I have had a brief “vacation” from tension by helping desensitize the Jicarilla wild horses. Tending to and sitting with those who haven’t yet gone to Mustang Camp or their adopters.

My mind empties of cares, and is filled by their presence. Very Zen! In fact, Patricia calls Mustangs “Masters of Zen”. Their gift to me is so much more than I could ever repay.

22 09 2011
maria chervenkova

Thank you for the list TJ.
I still wonder why BLM removed Luna and 4 of her offspring.Why did they introduced her on the Spring Creek Basin for her genetics,if they remove her offsprings?There’s no sense.

22 09 2011
Julie Onshus

As Maria stated I don’t understand why they removed Luna and 4 of her foals being genetics are going to be an issue in the future. I would think they would want to keep her out there rather then her foals due to her foals are out of some of the studs out there already.

22 09 2011
Julie Onshus

The sad thing is, that some of the 2 and up fillies are most likely bred and now we will never no what they have. :(((

22 09 2011

I talked with several people and the original APHIS veterinarian about Luna and her offspring, and what if the numbers didn’t work (because we didn’t capture enough to then be able to release exactly who I wanted to keep). Because of Luna’s age and condition (it shows that she’s had so many foals, and I would have put her on PZP to give her a break), and because Winona – her granddaughter – wasn’t captured and we had Kestrel to release, and possibly at least one of the remaining stallions might be hers (Sundance might be her son), that’s why we decided what we did. None of the decisions were made lightly, but knowing the horses made a huge difference and kept it from being at all random. “Right,” “wrong” or otherwise, I made decisions based on a lot of factors … It’s one of those things I said I thought I had prepared myself for … and still found incredibly difficult.

It’s possible that we won’t keep in touch with any of these youngsters after they’re adopted … but it’s possible that we’ll keep in touch with at least some. Given how rarely that happens, I’ll take “some” over none.

22 09 2011

Know, too, that we released Hollywood, who is a son of one of the other 2001 Sand Wash Basin mares – Slate. His son Tenaz is still in the basin, and Piedra should be carrying his foal for the spring.

22 09 2011
maria chervenkova

TJ,can you tell me how many mares on the range are 2 yrs old or older and how many should foal next year ?

22 09 2011

Best guess is 12 pregnant mares 2 and older.

29 11 2011

I adopted Eliana and am hoping to get some pictures to you soon so you can put them on the site. She is doing extremely well and is quite the attention hog. šŸ™‚ She is so sweet, very brave, and quite the little pleaser. šŸ™‚ Would you like me to email some pictures to you?

29 11 2011

Yes, please!!! I’ll email you!

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