Looking ahead

25 09 2011

With everything that has happened, the adoption behind us, people working for the horses at Canon City, the horses in the basin are now foremost in my thoughts. Getting back to them is what I look forward to now.

We’ve all been on an emotional roller coaster, but just like last time, we’re already at work evaluating what happened and what we can change, what worked, what didn’t, ways we can offer our help.

Lots of positives, starting with these:


Chipeta and Puzzle – they’re with Ty, still, and back with Reya and Maiku. Copper is with them.


Ty, trotting out to have a chat with Copper. After so long in Copper’s shadow, Ty has asserted his dominance.

Reya, Puzzle, Chipeta in back and Maiku

Gaia … might be expecting a spotted baby in the spring …


Alegre (Aurora is nursing – see her ear?) and Gaia.

Traveler … looks pretty good for an “old” man, eh? He was aged at “aged.” How I love him.

Always stunning.

Tenaz and Corona




2 responses

26 09 2011
Karen Schmiede

I’m glad everything worked out pretty well. I think where the horses have people watchin over them, and working with the BLM, things work out better. Of course, this can’t be done with the big heards. Thanks again.TJ to you and the other people that worked so hard. On a selish note, I’m glad that Hayden and Gaia were released. They are my favorites.

26 09 2011

May they always be blessed. I’m so glad everything is back to normal! I was worried about each one of them. But they are free and have nothing to fear now :]

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