23 07 2013

Mysterium in the cedars.

By reader request: Pretty girl Mysterium. She’ll be 2 next month. Looking more gorgeous all the time. 🙂

Remember those who served and serve

27 05 2013

Mysterium walks up out of a shallow arroyo.

Mysterium walks up out of a shallow arroyo while grazing with her family. Such a gorgeous girl.

Happy Memorial Day. To paraphrase a quote I’ve seen: Have fun on this holiday, and remember the sacrifices of those who made it possible.

Where the water is …

8 04 2013

… the wild things are:


Raven, Sundance, Skywalker, Kootenai and Mysterium drink at the trickle, which still is trickling. Corona was waiting her turn.

Lots of deer tracks here, too.

Mysterious Mysterium

17 02 2013


Pretty, sweet Mysterium. Don’t you love her jawline fringe?

Happy 2013!

1 01 2013

Skywalker and Musterium

Brother Skywalker and sister Mysterium. Their sire is Kreacher.

For all of us, I wish a beautiful year full of compassion, peace and happiness.

Snow ponies

26 12 2012

When first spotted last week, only Raven, Skywalker and Sundance were visible. Kootenai, in her photo in a previous post, is so alert because I had just come over a rise and found her and Mysterium. They were out of sight until I was right above them.

Raven and Skywalker in the snow.

Mama and mini-me – Raven and Skywalker.


Handsome Sundance. He really does have eyes under that gorgeous forelock!

Mysterium still is nursing from mama Kootenai!

Yes, Mysterium still is nursing.

Raven, Skywalker and Sundance watched Hollywood’s and Comanche’s bands below them on the hill for a while, then followed me to where Koootenai and Mysterium were grazing by themselves. Kootenai is fairly independent and often can be found grazing somewhat separate from the others. They’re never too far away, and young Sundance is a calm and confident stallion to let them wander.

-8 and be there

20 12 2012

Not quite as iconic as Galen Rowell’s oft-quoted “f8 and be there” – nor, I suspect, will it become as universal. But at minus 8 degrees this morning, I was there, in the basin, in paradise turned white.

Seven; hill to the back right is the eastern side of Flat Top.

Seven in winter’s wonderland.

Kootenai and Mysterium

Kootenai and Mysterium

Hayden and Tenaz

Hayden and Tenaz

Hollywood's band

Hollywood’s band walking away from the noise of a truck. What kind of crazy person would be out here on a minus-8-degree morning?

Oh, right. 🙂


Aurora with her band. For extra credit, name the horse in the background attached to those gorgeous stripes! (Aurora’s daddy, Bounce, whom she resembles so strikingly, is following the bands.)

The temperature didn’t get above about 22 degrees today. Snow-lasting temps. I love it.


25 11 2012

And blessed.

Kootenai and Mysterium near sunset. Riches come in quiet moments that last far longer than gold. But every night – golden colors and healthy horses. Love.

Happy Thanksgiving!

22 11 2012

This year, as every year, I am so thankful for the people in my life. For my family, above all, and for my friends who are like family.

I am grateful for one of the best years of my life and everything that came together that allows me to spend so much time with the mustangs that mean the world to me.

I am grateful for our Spring Creek Basin mustangs, these magical animals that make my heart sing every time I see them.

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.

Be grateful for all the joys in your lives!

Kootenai & Mysterium

24 09 2012

Another mama and daughter:

Mysterium has been playing in the mud, most likely the pond behind Round Top. She’s a big, healthy girl!