National Academy of Sciences report on BLM’s management of wild horses and burros

7 06 2013

It’s out. The National Academy of Sciences has completed its report about wild horses and burros, and BLM’s management of them.

Some links to reports about the study:

“New report offers science-based strategies for management of Western free-ranging horses and burros; ‘business-as-usual’ practices will be increasingly expensive and unproductive for BLM”:

Th National Academy of Sciences link (above) includes a link to the brief summary of the report:

*** Updated to add this link, by the always-thought-provoking Andrew Cohen of The Atlantic:

Apollo, Killian and Tenaz

Practically speaking, what will it mean? Time will tell.


31 05 2013

Apollo, Tenaz and Killian

Shiny big boy Apollo with pals Tenaz and Killian. Their other pal Hayden was grazing not far away. Killian demonstrated remarkable patience for one so young. 🙂

Bold boy faces

29 04 2013


Oh these boys!

Duke and Kreacher were right near the road during a recent visit, and they and I could see Hayden, Tenaz, Apollo and Killian out on the flats not far away. (Yep, the young boys are back together; Aspen was alone and way to the east.) I took some pix of Duke and Kreacher for documentary purposes – they’re looking very hale and hearty – but didn’t think I’d walk out to youngsters.

They had other ideas! They galloped over to greet Duke and Kreacher!

Hayden, the oldest of the young, stopped to chat with Duke and Kreacher. There was a great deal of squealing and striking and rearing and biting and head waving and pooping of and sniffing of poop (heh). The younger three youngsters walked on by, then stopped to hang out with me!

That Tenaz, 3, is the spitting image of his daddy Hollywood. I can so see him as a future band stallion. He has a wise look, doesn’t he? (That’s him at left.) Apollo is just 2 this year (sired by Kreacher), and Killian, looking small and young beside them, also is 2 (they will be, in May).

When Hayden and the elder boys had concluded their discussions, Hayden walked (he might have strutted) over to the boys and tried to get someone else to play with him. Mostly unsuccessfully.

Look out girls. These handsome misters are growing up!


14 04 2013

The wind was ruffling their manes and tails and forelocks, but they – Hayden, indeed – were completely unruffled by our presence.


Hayden is not pictured in this lineup because he had started walking up the road to where I had stopped the Jeep.

From left: Tenaz (almost 3), Apollo (almost 2), Killian (!) (almost 2) and Aspen (probably 11+).

A couple of visits ago, Killian was not with mama Roja and her band (Storm’s band, which includes Gaia and her daughter, Cassidy Rain). I hoped he hooked up with the bachelor boys; he did! Aren’t they the picture of innocence in the pic above? 🙂 Killian appears to be an “off” shade of bay because he will turn grey, like his sire, Seven.

And, because I can’t leave him out, and because he was posing so handsomely for my friend Nancy, who was lying on the ground to photograph him, Mister Hayden:

Hayden, watching Nancy on the ground taking pix of him.

Love, love, love his heart-star. From the cutest baby to quite a handsome young mister, this Grey/Traveler son is filling out very well.

As you can tell, it was a pretty windy day. Rain is in the forecast; all dances, finger- and toe-crossing welcome!

Our friend Ann also was with us for a visit to the horses. We saw Shadow and her baby girl (and Seven and Puzzle) but from a very great distance.

I also want to give a shout to friends Sue and Roy, who also were visiting the horses. Roy was the first to spot last year’s first foal of the year AND named her: Mariah. What a gorgeous girl she is growing up to be.

Daddy’s spitting image

10 03 2013


Despite the color difference, young Tenaz looks strikingly like his sire, Hollywood. In particular, his eyes catch me every time as so much like his daddy’s.

3 bay buds

8 03 2013

Apollo, Tenaz and Aspen. Hayden also is with the bachelor band.

Left to right: Apollo (almost 2), Tenaz (almost 3) and Aspen (9-ish or older). Sorrel Hayden (3) also is with the group of bachelor pals.

The misters had been with elder Poco earlier. It was good to see him for the first time after the winter. He looks pretty good – and if I’d gotten to them earlier, I might have had a pic of FOUR bay buds!

-8 and be there

20 12 2012

Not quite as iconic as Galen Rowell’s oft-quoted “f8 and be there” – nor, I suspect, will it become as universal. But at minus 8 degrees this morning, I was there, in the basin, in paradise turned white.

Seven; hill to the back right is the eastern side of Flat Top.

Seven in winter’s wonderland.

Kootenai and Mysterium

Kootenai and Mysterium

Hayden and Tenaz

Hayden and Tenaz

Hollywood's band

Hollywood’s band walking away from the noise of a truck. What kind of crazy person would be out here on a minus-8-degree morning?

Oh, right. 🙂


Aurora with her band. For extra credit, name the horse in the background attached to those gorgeous stripes! (Aurora’s daddy, Bounce, whom she resembles so strikingly, is following the bands.)

The temperature didn’t get above about 22 degrees today. Snow-lasting temps. I love it.

He’s touching me

11 09 2012

This photo of Tenaz and Apollo cracks me up:

Tenaz, standing his ground but leaning so far away from Apollo, rubbing away the flies on his pal’s shoulder.

Two of the young misters handsome. Had a great visit with these boys. So silly. So awesome!

Apollo gives Hayden a schnuzzle.

That Apollo. What a lover. 🙂 And who can resist kisses for the boy with the heart on his forehead (who has a birthday coming up soon)?

Three words: Trouble. Times. Three.

And one more word: CUUUUUUUUUUUTE!

Boys on the go

8 09 2012

These boys were moving across Wildcat Valley the other night while I was visiting Comanche’s and Hollywood’s bands.

Seven, Bounce, Kreacher, Aspen, Apollo, Tenaz and Hayden at sunset.

Everyday hum

28 08 2012

The more I learn … the more I learn. There aren’t always conclusions to draw from the observations I make of the horses. Sometimes, things I see come back a year or more later.

And sometimes, I see things that just make me smile.

Nothing special about this image. They’re all stallions. Seven (back grey) is 12. Kreacher is probably close. Tenaz (right) is 2.5. Apollo (with Kreacher) is 1.5.

So why did I take it, let alone post it? Why am I being all sentimental?

Right before last year’s roundup, Kreacher lost his band to Sundance, who still has the band. This spring, right around the time Skywalker was born, Apollo left or was kicked out of the band (their mother is Raven), and I finally found him with Hayden (almost 3) and Tenaz, and they’ve been wandering around, hanging out briefly with various other bachelors: Bounce, Poco, Duke, Aspen, Kreacher and Seven.

Apollo is Kreacher’s son. Now a young bachelor, Apollo – and his pals, Hayden and Tenaz – have hooked up, however briefly, with sire Kreacher and Kreacher’s new pal, Seven, who stole his (Kreacher’s) band back in 2008 after Grey/Traveler stole Seven’s band.

See how it all comes back around? 🙂