Cause & effect

3 07 2013

A little of this:

Copper with Reya and Spirit.

led to a little of this:


Because Corazon (in this pic at far right) wasn’t keen to have Copper (in the first pic at left) horning in on his girl, Reya – in the first pic, flipping her tail, and in the second pic, tossing her mane. The flirt. 🙂


3 04 2013

Copper looking at David, who was on his way to drink at the Round Top pond.

Copper caught in the light looking toward David.

Some bachelors, like Copper, attach themselves to bands (and he seems to float between Ty’s and Corazon’s now that they’ve split). Some bachelors stick together, like Duke and Kreacher and Aspen, Hayden, Tenaz and Apollo. And some bachelors, like David and Poco, seem to like being by themselves – or like it better than being on the edge?

Not long after the horses watched David walk to water, Copper trotted on down the hill. But when I saw David later, Copper wasn’t with him. And Ty’s band was down the hill in the other direction. Copper likes company, though, so I’m sure he returned to one band or another.

Anchoring Earth and sky

1 04 2013

Copper against the clouds.


Reya, S'aka and Corazon

Reya, S’aka and Corazon

Finally, some nice clouds. But still no moisture from sky to ground.

Against the light

28 11 2012

On a hill at sunset:

Corazon, Reya and S’aka.

Maiku and Copper.

A cap to another gorgeous day in the basin. But it’s scary dry. And no relief in sight.

Found Seneca, too. What a big girl she is!

Did any of you see the moon rise? She never disappoints. Lovely. Soooo lovely.

And I have no pix of this yet, but having seen almost everybody, I’m pretty sure Puzzle is with David and Shadow – and now you know who I *didn’t* see. I’ve been looking, though. 🙂 You’ll be the first to know when I do have picture-perfect pix!


30 09 2012

Copper, muddy.

He goes back and forth between the pintos and the pintos. Hmm. Only Chipeta is pinto in her mini-band. She’s keeping her little girl safely separate. They were fairly close to Corazon and co. the other day when we saw them from the road. But when Ty came into view, Copper decided to have a visit.

Mama Chipeta, baby Seneca and “uncle” Copper.

Ty was closer and to the right.

Copper moved to this spot, and then they all took naps. Little Seneca laid down, flat out and nearly hidden by the grasses, sage and saltbush. They stayed in their respective positions until David and Shadow came to visit.


16 09 2012

Stallions Ty and Copper.

Ty was keeping Copper away from the band.

I think I’ve finally sort of figured out now that this actually is two bands – Ty’s and Corazon’s – and they are just even closer than Hollywood’s and Comanche’s, with Copper as the satellite stallion. Coincidentally, Ty and Copper are the non-pintos in the “pinto band.”

As an aside, does that profile on Copper remind anyone of Cinch?? Very distinctive; Cinch’s was even more pronounced.


9 08 2012

Copper is looking hale and hearty. Moving well after his knee injury earlier this year.

Spotlight on bay boy!

I do love those handsome bays!

He’s still hanging with the pintos.

Almost-2-year-old Puzzle with daddy Copper in the background.

Diggin’ the spots

6 08 2012

Today was a good day to check the status of the Round Top pond. On the way, I stopped for a visit with the pinto ponies.

Copper walks past the Round Top pond.

Then there was some of this:

Mama Reya and baby S’aka.

And a bit of this:

Copper, with Brumley Point in the background.

And a teeny bit of this:

Puzzle with mama Chipeta and stepdaddy Ty.

And we got a nice downpour later. What a wonderful day!

Spots and not

27 04 2012

More of the spotted ponies seen about a week ago close to the Disappointment Road:

Peek-a-ponies! Chipeta and daughter Puzzle, trying to hide behind the greasewood.

Corazon was being standoffish. He’s usually right in with the band.

Big guy Copper was very relaxed and comfortable.

Mr. Ty, easy-going. The storm brewing to the south never made it to Disappointment, but it made for a nice background over the far cliffs!

Little Maiku is such a sweetheart. He likes to stick close to big sister Reya.

Pretty Puzzle, striking her glamour pose!

Chipeta. Isn’t she lovely?

Leaving you with a shot of the expectant girl, Reya.


23 02 2012

Good news: Copper has reunited with the pinto band.

Although he looks like he’s moving through frosted greasewood, it’s not – just normal winter-grey. But there was plenty of snow underfoot, err, hoof!

Youngsters Maiku (front) and Puzzle napping in the morning sunshine.

Ty – who knew grey-on-grey could be so vibrantly beautiful?

Maiku and Ty

Pretty girl Reya is *glowing* with good health, eh?


Daddy Copper

I’m not sure when he reunited with the band, but I’d bet it was shortly after I saw them apart. The horses were visible right from the road – and very close – this day (about a week ago), but they haven’t been so visible or close since.