More green

31 07 2013

Seven's band - Puzzle, Shadow and Tesora

Seven’s band enjoys good summer grass in Spring Creek Basin. Spring Creek canyon is in the background.

The grass and hills are green, and the ponds have water – all but one of the ponds not dug out.

Girls on the move

19 07 2013

Shadow, Tesora and Puzzle

Not a storm in the blue background but a far, forested ridge. The blue storm skies have been descending every day, bringing rain every night since Monday.

Whatever dances ya’ll are doing, you’re rockin’ ’em! The rain is such a relief.

Standing guard

13 07 2013

Seven with his mares Shadow and Puzzle and Shadow's daughter, Tesora.

Seven and his girls stand over their baby girl, Tesora, while she naps during a hot afternoon in Spring Creek Basin.

Signs of rain are on the horizon – literally. But we need a bit of a direct hit. I think I can speak for the ponies when I say we’re ready already.

Spots and not

5 07 2013

Puzzle is a good "auntie" to baby Tesora.

Tesora sticks close to her “auntie” Puzzle. Shadow was grazing nearby and hardly looked up. I stayed in the Jeep and took pix through the open window.

Tesora, treasured

18 06 2013

Tesora with "auntie" Puzzle.

“Auntie” Puzzle and baby Tesora in late-afternoon light. They were waiting with their band to drink at the trickle. There are other, better places to drink, so I wonder whether, sometimes, their drink-spot choices are like one’s favorite bar – a matter of habit rather than availability.

Rain dances, prayers and other mojo to get the drops falling all are appreciated.

Say cheese!

24 05 2013

Family portrait: Seven, Puzzle, Tesora and Shadow in the east pocket.

While I was busy with the camera, my assistant was working the squeaky toy and the reflectors to get just the right light on our subjects.

Other than Tesora sticking out her tongue, as youngsters are wont to do, my assistant did a pretty good job with lighting and ears, don’t you think?

Thanks, Ma Nature. 🙂


8 05 2013

Chipeta, Seven, Puzzle, Tesora and Shadow north of Round Top.

Chipeta, right, watches while Seven grazes with his mares, Puzzle and Shadow, and his stepdaughter, Tesora. Chipeta is Puzzle’s mama; she’s with Ty and their daughter, Seneca, who were out of this shot to the right. Copper also was with them. On this particular evening, their “spaces” overlapped a bit.


27 04 2013

Tesora seen through Puzzle in the foreground.

Tesora framed by “auntie” Puzzle (no actual relation that I’m aware of).


12 04 2013

Puzzle "blowing" at me.

Nooooo … not THAT kind of blow. Check out her nostrils. She’s giving me the universal wild horse signal for “intruder alert.” She and Seven are the only horses that give me the “blow” anymore. But she’s so darn cute, I can’t even mind.


7 04 2013

Seven, Puzzle and Shadow in front of the La Sal Mountains.

It’s hard to hide when you choose this kind of “camouflage.”

Seven, Puzzle and Shadow against the La Sal Mountains.