In honor of veterans

11 11 2013

Bounce at sunset.

For your service in honor of country and countrymen (and women), for your sacrifices and in acknowledgement of the sacrifices your loved ones make, for the courage of your willingness to step forward, for your patriotism and valor,¬†for the wounds you carry, for your return … and for those who have not and do not, thank you, American veterans.

Boy talk

3 08 2013

Hollywood and Bounce

Hollywood and Bounce have a friendly chat near sunset.

Shady Shane

12 06 2013

Shane, in Hollywood's band, shadowed by Bounce in the background.

Shane is a young mare in Hollywood’s band. She (apparently) had great fun with her mud treatment at the spa. That’s Mr. Bounce in the background, admiring from afar.

Mud monster

9 06 2013


Bounce is a bachelor since the 2011 roundup, and he has been hanging out with Hollywood’s and Comanche’s bands for quite a while now. The boys have distinctly separate bands, but they stay very close to each other. The mares mingle a little, and Madison and Temple seem to hang out as much as Madison and her sister Juniper.

The bands had been drinking from the trickle – along with bachelors Duke, Kreacher, Aspen and the young monsters bachelors. Most of the horses had splashes of mud on them – even across their faces. I thought Hollywood had acquired some new face scars until I saw the pix closer on the computer and realized they were streaks of mud. So they’re still finding water enough to drink – and play in! With gnat season in Disappointment Valley under way, that’s a good thing.

Into the morning light

25 01 2013

Bounce against the north ridges.

Bounce, sire of Aurora in the previous post. They’re both black with a nearly identical right hind fetlock – you can only barely see the upper part of Bounce’s because of the snow. Additionally, Aurora sports the tiniest, barest crescent of an almost-there “star” on her forehead.

He has been following Hollywood’s and Comanche’s bands for a little while now. This particular morning wasn’t the first I’ve seen him and Aurora fairly close together.

Shadow on the snow

22 12 2012

Not that “Shadow,” but dark and sleek and nearly jet black:

Bounce, following Hollywood's and Comanche's bands.


He has been following Hollywood’s and Comanche’s bands for a little while now. His daughter Aurora, his spitting image, down to her right hind fetlock, is part of Hollywood’s band. While I visited the horses, I sat in the snow, and Bounce took up guardian position behind me. Aurora wandered close – but not too close – to her daddy.

The elder mister looks pretty good. I bet he could tell some stories of winters weathered in Spring Creek Basin.

So much for the end of the world, eh? What a glorious day was the winter solstice!

On the run

4 11 2012

Hollywood (apparently) had enough of Bounce hanging around, so he gave chase. Bounce didn’t wait around to chat.

Returning to his band. Very pleased with himself (I’m sure).

Oh so photogenic!

* Did you remember to set your clocks back?

Black beauty

1 11 2012

Shadow against the sunset hills:

Bounce was hanging close to Hollywood’s and Comanche’s bands. Nearly his whole other side was covered in mud. This was – literally – his “best side” this night!

Boys on the go

8 09 2012

These boys were moving across Wildcat Valley the other night while I was visiting Comanche’s and Hollywood’s bands.

Seven, Bounce, Kreacher, Aspen, Apollo, Tenaz and Hayden at sunset.


13 08 2012

He still has a hitch in his giddy-up, but this elder mister was hanging with Aspen and the youngsters the other day:

Scarred and shiny. Full of vim and vigor!

Seven, Duke and Kreacher, with Aspen and the young boys a few days ago, were together but farther west. Bounce was last seen in the east pocket, so he wandered some to hook up with some company (this was west of Wildcat Spring).

And pinto update: Maiku IS with the pintos. Seen from the road – a distance – but he was there. No idea where he was the day I visited them.