Adoption update

23 09 2011

We had a fantastic turnout tonight for our pre-adoption training demo with Ems Rapp and Rock On. They were fantastic!

We are so thankful to all of you who came to see our Spring Creek Basin mustangs. We got to talk to some great people who were really curious about the horses and were asking great questions. It makes me feel really great that our horses are going to find some marvelous homes. (Keep in touch with us, please?!)

I updated the “Adoption horses” post with the horses’ tag numbers and which pens they’re in.

Here are some pictures of Ems and fabulous Rock On. We thank you so much!

Ems and Rock On with a very attentive audience at the Montezuma County Fairgrounds.

Isn’t he gorgeous? Maybe a little relation to Hollywood or his mama?

Don’t forget that if you adopt one of our mustangs, we (NMA/CO) can have Ems come to your place to help get you both started. Find one of us with the black shirts and turquoise mustang-and-sun logo, and we’ll get your contact info.

See ya’ll tomorrow.



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