23 09 2011

The day was just about perfect. Turquoise sky. Mountains shining. Things thawing and growing so fast you could practically hear it. Light so clear you could *see* it – see the air, see the beauty of the world and everything and everyone in it.

It’s that day I keep going back to when I think about Cinch. And those lead me on to other days spent with him and all the others … and give me hope for all the days yet to spend.

They didn’t have Spook yet – wouldn’t for another few months. Just Cinch and Liberty, his first filly, and Gaia, stolen away in the winter. And them, surrogate sisters when wise mama Molly left her baby girl in the care of Bounce’s band when she laid her old bones down and returned to the basin.

I’ll have more later … photos through the years like I did for Twister.

For all of you who loved him so much … thank you. He’s carried always by your prayers.



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23 09 2011
Tami Lewis

Ironically Cinch is memorialized at the end of my book. Out of the hundreds of photos that I had to choose from, I chose one with Cinch and Twister because of the encounter we had with them. Words can’t completely describe a moment in time, etched forever in our memory.

At the end of a beautiful Colorado summer day while watching horses travel to wild cat for water, Cinch and Traveler came galloping down the hill and turned toward us. As an observer of equine behavior I was taken back by this display of pure, wild playfulness and joy. I was thrilled that they found us to be no threat, of course because TJ is familiar to them, and engaged us in their lighthearted moment. Twister followed just behind Cinch as he galloped toward us and as if to say, “hello folks.” They turned sharply in front of us and raced up the hill with their powerful rear ends engaged.

The feeling I received from them was of pure joy. Cinch and Twister are etched in our hearts and it was almost as if they were sending the final message before we left the basin. My daughter, Laura, and I will honor their magnificence with this memory and my fantastic photos. When we received the news about Cinch, we were sad and emotional. Later, Laura shared a prayer with me that is so profound I wanted others to hear it. She said that she walked outside in the quiet of night and prayed for Cinch, his significance to the Basin and asked him to continue to watch over the Spring Creek Herd Management Area that was his home.

23 09 2011
Crystal Walker

I am so honored to have gotten to make a few trips to see Cinch and the others this year. I will miss him dearly.

23 09 2011

Wow. Those photos are stunning! What a gorgeous horse! He is the quintessential wild mustang. Those pics embody the nobility and spirit of everything the wild horse stands for. Kudos on your photograghy skills. RIP Cinch.

24 09 2011
Dr Jon-Michael Tucci

thanx, CJ – he sure was a babe magnet, & he’s really free, now – let’s hope he comes back to us all, in the form of inspirations to help us figure out how to get his range back for his progeny & band –
his legacy could be that his untimely death prompted us to make that happen
Blessings, for all you do,

24 09 2011
Caroline Kingsley-lewis

Cinch was a beautiful wild horse – my particular favorite – he had everything about him as a Mustang that I love – his freedom, his spirit and his magnificence. So shocked and deeply saddened to hear of his death.

24 09 2011
cat Kindsfather

Such a magnifient stallion. Sickend by his death, a wasteful atrocity, sinful thats all. More care should be taken in these operations with wild horses. Thank you for sharing his images & story. Deepest sympathies to all mourning his loss, especially those who followed him in the wild. There are no words to make it better. Well, no more roundups, hearing those words would certainly help.

See you on the other side Cinch. Run forever wild in spirit. You are missed & loved.

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