Maiku framed

2 04 2013

Maiku against the unnamed promontory.

Maiku, well-framed by the unnamed promontory, one of Spring Creek Basin’s dominant landmarks.

He and the rest of the band were watching David walk to water in the distance. David is alone since losing Shadow and Puzzle to Seven, but he looks like he’s doing just fine.

Schnowy schmuzzle

17 01 2013


Maiku wins the cute award this week!

Two with spots

19 12 2012

On a cold, windy day devoid of snow and sunshine, these two brightened my day:


Maiku, right, is both S’aka’s older brother (same sire, Copper) and uncle (brother of S’aka’s mother, Reya, through their mother, Kiowa). They look like their sister/mother/grandmother. She left her stamp.

Against the light

28 11 2012

On a hill at sunset:

Corazon, Reya and S’aka.

Maiku and Copper.

A cap to another gorgeous day in the basin. But it’s scary dry. And no relief in sight.

Found Seneca, too. What a big girl she is!

Did any of you see the moon rise? She never disappoints. Lovely. Soooo lovely.

And I have no pix of this yet, but having seen almost everybody, I’m pretty sure Puzzle is with David and Shadow – and now you know who I *didn’t* see. I’ve been looking, though. 🙂 You’ll be the first to know when I do have picture-perfect pix!

Light by four

10 11 2012


Maiku, Reya and Corazon grazing against the light.

In landscape photography, shooters are advised to not forget about the scenery behind them. How often do you hear someone explain a photo by saying, “I was shooting the sunset, when I looked behind me and saw something even better”?

When I turned around to check the horses behind me and saw the above scene, it wasn’t exactly better than what was in front of me …

… 🙂

But it all was worth seeing!


The whir of raven wings

27 09 2012

Attracted Maiku’s notice:

The ravens were very active on Seneca’s birthday. Raucous, too. How cool would it be to have a raven’s-eye view of the basin? Or a pony’s-eye view of ravens?

A visit with the spots

8 09 2012

A quick check on the spots revealed … all normal on the southern front. 🙂

Impending parents Ty and Chipeta.

S’aka and mama Reya. Yes, there’s an extra eye and schnoz in there: Corazon’s.

Puzzle gives Maiku a sisterly schnuzzle.

Ty against the La Sals.

Chipeta against the La Sals.

Handsome pony boy.

Gettin’ closer. I’m pretty sure I recognize the “I’m ready, already!” look. 🙂