Red – it’s the new gold

6 06 2013

Gaia and Roja in delicious evening light.

Gaia and Roja glow golden in the last light of another beautiful evening in Spring Creek Basin. And yes, that’s a getting-close belly on the little red girl.

Earth and Storm

14 05 2013

Gaia and Storm

It sprinkled today, but you’d never know it. Gaia-girl and Storm, along with Cassidy Rain and Roja, were at the Sorrel Flats pond. Walking to the east-pocket pond (to the north) were Seven, Puzzle, Shadow and Tesora. That’s a little change of location for them. There was a lone pronghorn with them when I first saw them, but it didn’t follow them to the pond.

Roja is due to foal in a couple of days, but she doesn’t look imminently due. She lost her foal in 2012, so I’m basing her due date on the approximate time she should have foaled last year.

Roja at the Sorrel Flats pond.

Some high, thin clouds allowed some light to filter down during the early evening, and it rims the girl in such a lovely way.

And because we can’t forget Miss Cassidy Rain:

Cassidy Rain at the Sorrel Flats pond.

She pops up over a little hill, and she gives ME the schnortle! She’ll celebrate her first birthday in early June.

All is well

14 03 2013


Storm checking in with Cassidy Rain, Roja and Killian. Gaia was just to the right. They were above the pond but kept looking at the hill beyond, even after they drank and left. My poor human eyes couldn’t find what was so interesting over there, but the horses knew it!

Precious water

13 03 2013

All but three of our 10 ponds have water. Of the three that don’t, one still is on the list of priority ponds to be dug out (set by Disappointment Wild Bunch Partners and BLM in 2008), one was dug out last year, and one was started last year and about half dug out before rain hit. To date, only two ponds haven’t been dug out since 2009.

Gaia, Storm, Cassidy Rain, Killian and Roja drinking at the double pond.

Storm and his band are seen here drinking from the main double pond (both have water, but only one was dug out, so I should amend my earlier statement, but only the main pond holds water reliably). From left: Gaia, Storm, Cassidy Rain, Killian and Roja. Do you see the ice still on the pond?

Gaia, Storm and Cassidy Rain drinking at the double pond.

So dainty!

Sweet and dark

15 12 2012

Our herd manager, Kiley Whited, has moved on from BLM to a job with NRCS, Natural Resources Conservation Service.

He leaves big shoes to fill, as we valued his management style and always-positive demeanor. We couldn’t have been happier with his friendliness, level of professionalism and genuine interest in the Spring Creek Basin mustangs. We were able to get the fertility control program started with his involvement. It will continue in no small part because of his encouragement. He also championed the future use of bait trapping as a safer method of gathering horses in this small herd.

Our Cassidy Rain – possibly a great-granddaughter of Traveler – was named in tribute to Kiley’s baby daughter, Cassidy. These photos were taken earlier this week.

Cassidy Rain

She’s as dark as her sire, Cinch, with none of his spots.

Cassidy Rain and Roja

With “auntie” Roja.

Cassidy Rain

Sassy girl flirting with the afternoon light. On the hill behind her is some of the snow we got Sunday.

Cassidy Rain

Lovely girl.

We wish Kiley and his family well, though we will miss him!

On the run to water

20 11 2012

Evening drink time:

Gaia, Cassidy Rain, Killian and Roja run down a slope to join Storm at a water seep in an arroyo!

Love the rich colors of their fuzzy coats in diffuse sunset light.

It’s so dry – still. Seeing them drink was a welcome sight. Ranchers are hauling water to their cattle that still are on the range (not Spring Creek Basin but in nearby areas). All rain and/or snow dances welcome!

Two red, one dark

28 10 2012

These beauties are in Storm’s band:

Red Roja, red Gaia and dark Cassidy Rain. Watchful girls in the wind.

In other news, happy birthday, Mom! Love you!

Third *heart* a charm!

12 10 2012

Well, let’s just continue the theme, shall we?

Cassidy Rain with mama Gaia and new stepdaddy Storm.

The new family: Killian, Roja, Storm, Gaia and Cassidy Rain.


Storm’s + 2

7 10 2012

Did no one guess the answers to the questions posed under the “Change” post? Their names were in tags, of course, but … anyone?

Maybe it’s just that this young stallion continues to amaze me. Aspen has been dogging Grey/Traveler’s band for the last week or so, but it wasn’t Aspen who stole a mare. It was …


As a side note, can you believe how dark Cassidy Rain now is? Look back at this post or this post and compare.

The ponies are showing definite signs of “fuzzying up”!


5 10 2012

Who are they, and who are they with?