Miss Terra & friends

31 01 2012

This lovely daughter of Grey/Traveler and Houdini just amazes me.

The horses were somewhat apart when I saw them, and Terra had been watching Roja, Killian and Hayden down in the trees before turning to look at me.

Standing with cocky Chrome.

And with Winona (who reminds me so much of her grandma Luna).

Grazing with master Hayden. The girls treat him much differently than big Chrome. Terra is just a few months older than Hayden, but she’s quite a bit bigger. They’re half-siblings, sharing daddy Grey/Traveler.

Love. Her.

Hayden in the sunshine

31 01 2012

I do love a bright-n-shiny copper pony in the sunshine.

Coming up out of an arroyo. Loved his spiky mane all akimbo.

He’s not very big, but he has a big personality!

Love his glow. Isn’t he just the handsomest little mister?


16 01 2012

That Hayden, he knows how to put out the happy grin!

Handsome young mister! Such a welcoming little face.

Look how fabulously furry he is!

More of Chrome’s

2 01 2012

Didn’t spend a lot of time with these ponies. Sun sinking fast. So great to see them – right where they knew they were. 🙂

Handsome Hayden.

They were on a hill across a very steep drainage from the end of the corral hill, so I took pix as I climbed up the hill across from them. As you can see, we have gorgeous blue skies in Colorado!

Little stud muffin Killian. How much he looks like his big brother, Ze.

Mama Roja, watching me intently.

A bit later, when I was on top with them and they were grazing, mama suddenly looked up and gave me a weird stare. I tried to figure out what was wrong … only to notice that she had suddenly realized that Terra, Winona and Hayden had grazed on, leaving her closest to me. Oops. 🙂 She walked away, eyeballing me over her shoulder. I just chuckled to myself. Sweet girl.

You can’t tell from these photos, but the hill was steep, and my side (across a shallow drainage) was still snow-covered. Their side was muddier than it looks here.

Terra. Isn’t she growing up to be a gorgeous girl? Daughter of Grey/Traveler and Houdini. She’ll be 3 in the spring.

We could say the same about our lovely Winona! Daughter of Mouse (likely) and Kestrel. She’ll be 2 in the spring.

I just posted this one, but it’s the best I have of Chrome from that day. He mostly wandered around on the far side of the other horses, not worried about a thing, let alone looking handsome for the camera. 🙂

These are the ones I’ve tweaked so far, but I’m going to be without Internet for a couple of days, so will leave you with these. Saw almost all the horses last week – still not those elusive pintos! – but not many pix. Very warm. Very melty. Very muddy. We need snow!!!

Found faces

31 12 2011

Look who I found:

Look at that little boy, nearly as big as his mama.

Where are they?

Can you tell by those faces? They’re all there.

Pony babies have been hanging out behind Flat Top. Lots of territory back there – lots of tracks criss-crossing the snow. Spotted Roja from a distance, alone, dark in the glare, but with that belly – couldn’t have been anyone else. You think Kestrel’s a wide load already?

Roja used to be my first foaler, but this year, she went into May. She’s not a very big girl – like Kestrel – so that belly shows!

I was glad to find them. Now the pintos are my elusive ponies. I think they’re deep in the southern end of the basin where they can take advantage of grazing areas because of the snow (for eating). It was WARM here this week. Into the 50s. Gorgeous. Melting. Muddy. What happened to our cold La Nina winter? Well, it has just begun after all.

Speculation about the weather is like wondering where horses are – no telling, and there’s nothing you can do about it but be happy when you find what you’re looking for. 🙂


23 10 2011

We have a lot of greys in Spring Creek Basin. You might have noticed. 🙂

That likely goes back to a couple of stallions introduced in the 1990s (as the pintos come from the pinto stallion introduced with them): Mr. Ed and Miguel.

In any case, it makes them easy to spot in the grand expanse of the basin (except during winter!), but depending on distance and who I can see of their band, identification sometimes has to wait for a closer look. This was the case when I saw Seven last week. I was pretty sure it was him … but where was his band? Nearby, another light grey … that quickly became identifiable by the horses with him: Hayden, Winona, Terra.

But it wasn’t until I walked out to where I could see better that I realized Seven’s band was not with him … and that Aspen had to have them.

He seems to be taking it all in stride, though he was fairly close to Chrome’s band.

Terra and Chrome. Seven was out of sight over the rise of land to the far right.

Winona (1) and Hayden (2). Winona is a feisty little thing, and she is jealous of her proximity to Terra – woe to Hayden should he try to get between them.

Traveler’s son Hayden.

Kestrel’s beautiful daughter, Luna’s granddaughter Winona.

She found the perfect little stump to satisfy an itch.

Traveler’s 2-year-old daughter, Terra – half-sister to Hayden.

She does have her mother’s ears – all the better to hear you with! 🙂 Chrome in back.

They came to nap under a juniper … until Seven came into view and everything went into motion.


Hayden looking at the stranger. He’s already getting pretty fuzzy.

They’ve left their tree, and the youngsters are bunching up while Chrome walks ahead …

Chrome observing Seven with his band – Hayden, Terra and Winona – safely behind him (or so he thinks).

He went trotting out to greet Seven, but when his precocious young fillies and Hayden all came right with him, he had to break off and let Seven go to keep them from getting into the mix! I didn’t have a clear view of everything that happened from down the hill, and to stay out of whatever dynamic ensued, I decided visiting hours were up for the time being.

Hayden under the tree. He has daddy’s sharp little ears.

As I was walking away, one last look at Winona, looking at the stranger.

And Chrome looking, earlier, when he was in front of his band.

The next day, Chrome’s band was still in the general area, but Seven had gone way east.

A scene, seen

6 10 2011

A just-because post … because it was the end of a great day, because the ponies were awesome, because the day was filled with them, because they are going to be OK, because they are strong and resilient, because they make me better than I knew I could be.

Chrome’s band

29 09 2011

Chrome and Hayden are back in their old stomping grounds, and they’ve picked up a couple of beautiful companions.

Winona was with Traveler’s band the week before the roundup, and although Traveler and Houdini, Gemma and Deniz were captured, Winona, Terra and Corona were not. Now the girls are with Chrome and Hayden.

Hayden just turned 2 (Sept. 22), Terra is 2, and Winona is a yearling.


Terra and Chrome

Winona and Chrome

Young mister Hayden still loves basking in the sunshine.

Taking in the morning view.

I love mornings in the basin.


21 09 2011

All the BLM folks have been amazing. I’m not sure whether I should name them because I don’t want them to be targets any more than they already are, but they were excellent in all regards. We couldn’t have done anything that we did – and have done – without them. JD, WW, CC, TR, LA, JG, SB, LB, SW, JJ, MJ, HP, KW, SM, AB … thank you so much for your support and calm and level-headed approach – and for always thinking of the safety of the horses and humans. We appreciate you more than we can possibly express. We’re so grateful to have achieved what we have with your partnership, and we look forward to achieving our future goals with your help.

BLM has plans to re-seed the trapsite area, and that could happen as soon as next week.

Monday, after everything was over and everyone else was gone, I went back to basin.

If you go out looking for horses, be patient, use your binoculars, scan slowly and in seemingly unlikely places – and some of the same – and you will find them.

I saw Aspen almost right away (though I thought initially he was Duke, right in his home territory). Then Seven’s … Then black and grey – Bounce and Alegre?! Horses in trees … and below them … and nearby …

Bounce sticks out here … but he’s not with Alegre – he’s with Houdini. She’s right above the “C” in Creek.

While I was looking at them, I spotted another pair:

Right by the brown guzzler, Chrome and Hayden.

I went back around to where I’d seen horses in the hill, and that’s where the wild magic started to work its healing.

Traveler (back right) with Alegre (grey), Gaia (sorrel) and baby Aurora.

Tenaz and Corona. Tenaz was almost caught … Baylee was caught (she’s awaiting adoption – big, beautiful bay girl), and Storm gave observers a show when he galloped away right past them on the hill above the trapsite.

Watching the pintos …

Left to right: Reya (4), Maiku (1), Puzzle (1) and Chipeta. They’re a long way from “home” territory. Chipeta is the dam of the foal that has now been adopted. We don’t know how they got separated. The helicopter pilot was excellent about not even targeting the horses we asked him not to. That’s why he left the bunch alone when he realized they were with the youngest foal. What a story that foal could tell … I’m not even sure who the horses were that were with Chipeta’s band when the pilot did see the group. So all the pintos (and their hangers-on) are accounted for except stallion Corazon.

Here they are with Ty, who is now dominant over …

Copper, who is sticking with them.

I finally left them to find Seven’s and see whether Mona had had her foal yet. The pilot had seen “the pregnant mare” and of course left her alone. (We did see Kreacher’s band before the roundup even started – they ran across what would later be “the observation hill” with SUNDANCE immediately behind them and Kreacher following (?!). Chrome broke away from his band to follow them … leaving his band separated for quite a while (they were later captured all together). People were camped farther north on that hill at the time … we didn’t see the horses again. I am very eager to find them.

From left: Roja and Killian, Seven, Mona and Shane.

The lone bay turned out to be Aspen.

I also saw Shadow the end of the day Sunday – alone. But if I had to guess in normal circumstances where she might be, she was right there. Wind and Coal came to the trapsite with Iya and Cougar. Have not seen David.

Boreas and family

15 08 2011

Chrome’s were on the first hill as you drive into the basin when I saw them last week and realized Jif was no longer pregnant. Part of the time, there was a nice view down to Spring Creek Canyon with its gracefully arched rimrock border.

Two Boots

Boreas playing by some big rocks. Wild babies have the coolest toys!

Big brothers (Rio) make good play things, too!

And there are always ready-made fly swatters courtesy some obliging family member.

Mr. Chrome

Hayden with the Spring Creek Canyon background.

Chrome also is an easygoing, calm stallion.