19 08 2012

Well, nearly synchronized!

Aren’t they handsome, these young misters?


17 08 2012

My, hasn’t he grown up all handsome!

Hayden, son of Grey/Traveler and Jif.


16 08 2012

Oh, I still think of them as “the little boys,” but they’re not so little anymore! They’re off on their own. Not causing mischief – other than among themselves.

Are they cute or what? Sorry – handsome! If you notice a few legs too many, I assure you there’s no Photoshop trickery. 🙂 Aspen is behind them.

This was taken the same day as the one of Bounce, who was with them, too.

Boys of summer

25 06 2012

The girls got their post, now let’s highlight some boys.

Hayden and Tenaz have been shepherding young Apollo since around the time Skywalker was born.

Handsome Hayden. He’s just like daddy (Grey/Traveler); so hard to get a shot of him where he’s not ignoring me.

Tenaz is nearly the spitting image of his sire, Hollywood. Color notwithstanding.

Young Apollo is hanging with the big boys. He’s just as handsome as a yearling as he’s been all along.

Apollo with Tenaz.

Apollo with Hayden. Love the look. 🙂

The three musketeers.

The last time I saw them, they were hanging out with Storm, who is looking hale and hearty. They all are!

They’ve also been spotted with Bounce and Poco at various times (not together).

Playing in water

16 06 2012

And now some light-hearted water fun. 🙂

Apollo gets ready to walk out of the pond while Hayden tests the splashability. I’m taking this from my Jeep up on the road. This is the Sorrel Flats pond back in the eastern part of the basin.

Zoomed out to show more of the pond. As part of my documentation of the horses these last few years, I keep track of how much water the ponds have and when they go dry – and when they fill back up with the summer rains. Now that we have a herd manager who is interested, I share that information with him. The pond just north of here – the east-pocket pond – went dry just a week or so ago, just a few days after our herd manager saw it with very shallow water.

Apollo, Hayden and Tenaz grazing on the flats just above the pond. I should have some better photos of these boys soon tweaked and posted.There’s not a lot of surface area here, but the middle is a little deeper than it seems.

Storm has hooked up with the boys (though possibly not permanently; he wasn’t with them the other day). He followed them out of the wooded “island” and down to the pond to drink. I’ll have more pix of him soon, too.

Sweet boys

8 06 2012

They don’t seem to be causing too much mischief (any, really). They’re hanging out by themselves – and sometimes with Storm – and occasionally with Bounce. All of them were visible – Storm and Bounce slightly apart (not together), but I got pix just of the three musketeers.

Front to back: Hayden (2 1/2), Apollo (1) and Tenaz (2).

Fat little shiny boys. 🙂


20 04 2012

Don’t you love surprises?

On my last visit to the basin, I found Grey/Traveler’s band – and Mariah – pretty quickly, about where they’ve been the last week. Not too far, but I thought I should be looking for Piedra. I almost kept driving, but Houdini and Mariah were so temptingly close …

Bounce and Tenaz were below.

Chrome’s came into sight above.

After I spent time with Grey’s band, I went up to Chrome’s.

Hayden and Terra at the top of the finger hills.

Chrome, looking so handsome and relaxed in the morning light.

Winona was almost out of sight, taking her own little nap:


And it was about then that I looked west and saw Hollywood’s band. He was standing, napping; Shane was lying down. Piedra was standing a short distance away … and there were ears at her feet. Oh!

Oh, how glad I went for a hike.


10 04 2012

Chrome in the golden light of early morning.

Hayden and Terra – half-siblings. Daddy: Grey/Traveler.

Chrome was highlighted so gorgeously against the far hills, just-gilded with first light.

Alert Winona, watching something in the distance that I couldn’t see.

Gorgeous stallion, perfect backdrop … and he paused in his grazing only to amble to the next tasty tidbit.

Still gorgeous. Still perfect.  🙂

Such a boy

16 03 2012

A, who adopted Liberty, had a wonderful art show tonight in Ridgway: “Liberty and Family and Friends” drew a big crowd of Spring Creek Basin mustang supporters!

She had several paintings of Liberty, of course, as well as paintings of horses we’ve recently lost: Twister, Hook, Cinch, Kiowa …

A’s painting of Cinch, from a photo I took of him last March. Actually, I’m sure she won’t mind if I provide her name, as the artist: She is Alice Billings of Ridgway. Isn’t this fantastic?

I met several people I’d previously known only by name/email/phone/Facebook. To see all the people so enamored of and supportive of our mustangs was awesome.

These photos are for L’s daughter, who said Hayden is her favorite. 🙂

What a sweetie. Terra walked over to Hayden, where he was napping under a tree, minding his own business. It’s fun to watch the girls with him. It’s probably not quite as much fun to be him, dealing with the girls teasing him.

But he gives back almost as good as he gets. 🙂

Later, he laid down while they were napping, and they stood protectively over him, his head inches from their hooves. I love watching them.

Light and shadow

12 03 2012

While visiting Grey/Traveler’s band, I was watching him watch his younger girls, Corona, Gaia and Aurora, when he suddenly came alert. Chrome’s band had just appeared over the crest of the hill.





I stayed with them past last light. How beautiful are they?

Having just a short period of time served to concentrate my focus. Instead of thinking ahead, thinking other, thinking where else I could be, who else I could see, I was happy to sit, to see, to be with those I was with.  How happy was I?