Found faces

31 12 2011

Look who I found:

Look at that little boy, nearly as big as his mama.

Where are they?

Can you tell by those faces? They’re all there.

Pony babies have been hanging out behind Flat Top. Lots of territory back there – lots of tracks criss-crossing the snow. Spotted Roja from a distance, alone, dark in the glare, but with that belly – couldn’t have been anyone else. You think Kestrel’s a wide load already?

Roja used to be my first foaler, but this year, she went into May. She’s not a very big girl – like Kestrel – so that belly shows!

I was glad to find them. Now the pintos are my elusive ponies. I think they’re deep in the southern end of the basin where they can take advantage of grazing areas because of the snow (for eating). It was WARM here this week. Into the 50s. Gorgeous. Melting. Muddy. What happened to our cold La Nina winter? Well, it has just begun after all.

Speculation about the weather is like wondering where horses are – no telling, and there’s nothing you can do about it but be happy when you find what you’re looking for. 🙂



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