Boreas and family

15 08 2011

Chrome’s were on the first hill as you drive into the basin when I saw them last week and realized Jif was no longer pregnant. Part of the time, there was a nice view down to Spring Creek Canyon with its gracefully arched rimrock border.

Two Boots

Boreas playing by some big rocks. Wild babies have the coolest toys!

Big brothers (Rio) make good play things, too!

And there are always ready-made fly swatters courtesy some obliging family member.

Mr. Chrome

Hayden with the Spring Creek Canyon background.

Chrome also is an easygoing, calm stallion.



4 responses

16 08 2011
Karen Schmiede

Beautiful pictures, as always, TJ. I really like the one of Two Boots with the canyon in the back ground. Looks almost 3D.

16 08 2011
Linda Horn

Boreas is such a cutie! Obviously full of himself like most youngsters. And the gleam on Hayden … if only MY hair had such shine!

16 08 2011
Lynn and Kathy

Fantastic photos of 2B and Hayden – among the best we’ve seen!! You had to be part mountain goat yourself to get these! ;))

20 08 2011

Boreas is going grey quickly, like Deniz this year and Gemma last year. They’re all shiny and full of health. This wasn’t nearly as hard to get to as it may appear from the photos. 🙂 And not nearly as crazy as some places I’ve seen these ponies!

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