A moment in a day

2 07 2013

Winona and Chrome

Winona and Chrome. She was shifting her position, maybe rubbing away flies. Chrome takes it all in stride.


Happy 18th birthday to my cousin Kayla! XOXO!


2 06 2013

Winona in end-of-day light.

Why, ‘Nona, what a lovely girl you are in delicious light.

Still blue

20 05 2013

Kwana eating greasewood; Winona behind him.

Kwana, 9 months old, still has blue eyes. Here, he’s feasting on scrumptious greasewood with “auntie” Winona behind him. Even with grass all around, they do love the greasewood.

Let’s go that way

5 04 2013

Chrome and Terra; Duke and Kreacher in the background.

Chrome snakes Terra to follow Kwana toward Winona, who was grazing a little distance away.

The story behind the story involves the dots behind these two in the distance. See them? Way back left of Chrome?

When I first saw those two dots, they were three dots: two grey, one dark (bay): Chrome and Kreacher and Duke. And yes, they’re really about as far away as they appear, so Chrome had left his girls and his boy to have a little man-to-man-to-man chat. I parked not far away and walked out on a trail, and I was sitting on said trail at the moment I pressed the shutter on this shot. I reached his girls and boy before he did.

Kreacher and Duke went on grazing as peacefully as Terra and Kwana and Winona, even after Chrome returned to reassert his “dominance.”

On the rocks

22 02 2013

Winona and Chrome among the rocks of Filly Peak.

Who is that wonderful artist who “hides” her pinto horses in snow and rocks and trees? Does this photo remind you of her art? Maybe I’m just crazy! Terra and Kwana, out in the open, were easy to spot this particular morning before sunrise, but Chrome and Winona were “hiding” in plain sight among the boulders of Filly Peak!

Mustangs in a row

21 02 2013

Chrome, Winona, Terra and Kwana lined up and looking at the camera!

Not long after Chrome’s band lined up for this portrait, the snow dropped in over the basin! It left exactly no trace of its passing. While the rest of Colorado is getting snow, my fingers are crossed that it doesn’t miss us. That pic sure doesn’t look like February in Colorado, does it?

Oh, ‘Nona!

11 01 2013

This gorgeous girl gets only more beautiful.


Fuzzy divine.


A la beautiful.


Simply a stunner – with a snow mustachio! 🙂

How beautiful, glorious Winona.