Boreas and family

15 08 2011

Chrome’s were on the first hill as you drive into the basin when I saw them last week and realized Jif was no longer pregnant. Part of the time, there was a nice view down to Spring Creek Canyon with its gracefully arched rimrock border.

Two Boots

Boreas playing by some big rocks. Wild babies have the coolest toys!

Big brothers (Rio) make good play things, too!

And there are always ready-made fly swatters courtesy some obliging family member.

Mr. Chrome

Hayden with the Spring Creek Canyon background.

Chrome also is an easygoing, calm stallion.

Boreas and band

15 07 2011

I almost didn’t walk out to Chrome’s band during last week’s visit, but then I decided it would be rude to just drive on by! So I went out for a quick howdy.

Hayden and stepdaddy Chrome. They were napping, Boreas was napping, and the girls and Rio were grazing.

I think of Chrome as a stallion of few words. A very solid, calm and reassuring presence to his family.

Mama Jif, grazing for two as she grows ever wider.

Baby Boreas enjoying the kiss of sunshine while he naps.

Big stretch …!

Then he’s off to find mama and other mischief. 🙂

Rules of the road

9 07 2011

Chrome teaching his boys about the finer points of stud pile etiquette. Baby Boreas is his son; yearling Rio and almost-2-year-old Hayden are his stepsons.

Saw some great displays of stallion affection (and annoyance) this week, including the bachelor boys tiptoeing ever-s0-carefully around napping Varoujan and Kreacher needing all his patience to deal with cheeky son Apollo while he was trying to get sips from the trickle.

Just because, a cropped shot of the boys together:

Rio and Boreas have the same mama (Two Boots) – and an older brother, Cuatro – and Hayden and Rio may have the same daddy. Hayden’s sire is Grey/Traveler; Rio’s sire is Grey/Traveler or Twister. (And I know I’ve said this before, but the resemblance between Twister and Grey is astonishing. Twister is still with Hook’s band.) They look like they’re plotting something, don’t they? This was right before Chrome came down to the stud pile you see in the background (out, out darn pile!).

OK, here’s one of Boreas and his mama:

He’s already greying out over his hindquarters and back. Long-legged handsome little thing, isn’t he?

And it wouldn’t be complete without a pic of mama Jif … expecting …

Worth the wait

26 06 2011

Mama Two Boots grazed while Boreas napped and Rio guarded, and I watched and waited. When the little guy was tired, he laid down literally in the middle of the road – dirt softer than pricklies! Chrome and Jif and Hayden came down from their rock climbing to nap beneath a tree, and when Boreas got up, mama started grazing her way up the hill toward them.

Yearling Rio, baby brother Boreas and mama Two Boots, on the flanks of Filly Peak with nearly the whole of Spring Creek Basin stretching away before them to the dominating eastern ridges of the far boundary.

Chrome, Jif and Hayden under a tree right at the base of Filly Peak. Jif is showing obvious signs of her bundle-to-come. She (her belly, to clarify) looks bigger than Kootenai, but she’s also smaller and has had a foal (Hayden). My best guess for her is August-September. There was a question last year of who the sire of her foal was, but I would have known by the timing of the foal’s birth. Unfortunately, she’s one of the mares that lost her foal last year, and I’m not exactly sure when (I was also gone in late August for PZP training). Hayden will be 2 on Sept. 22.

Big baby boy Boreas and his sweet mama.

Hook’s band was just around the corner – also on the road – so I stopped and waited for them, too. They very graciously grazed off the road on the driver’s side of the Jeep, so I just aimed my camera right through the window. The best photos I got, though, were later that evening as I was leaving, with the sun rimming their handsome selves with layered hills and rocks in the background. To come. 🙂

Boreas … and a chill

5 06 2011

Some pix of Chrome’s band from a week ago …

Chrome’s band was so calm when I originally parked and walked out to them that Rio laid down.

He looks like such a *pony* now with his still-fuzzy coat and thick mane and forelock …

Handsome Chrome surveying his domain while his family grazes and naps.

Pretty Two Boots and big-boy Boreas

Striking little mister, isn’t he?

Showing off his mustang walk …

Snack break …

Tending an itch …

Prince’s plume  and globe mallow are plentiful this year. The paintbrush isn’t quite as plentiful as years past.

Pretty in a desert …

Hayden and Rio, playing as brothers will. Rio is a yearling, and Hayden will be 2 in September. They may be half-brothers … or maybe not?!

And then things changed …

The horses started looking at something …

Something I didn’t see until a flash of white a long way away caught my eye – a truck.

And then they were running, and the truck wasn’t even close.

After I sadly watched them go, I had time to walk back to the Jeep and drive down the road a bit and walk down to the troughs at the water catchment before the truck crested the rise. The horses ran, the truck followed. It stopped a couple of times, but the horses kept running. Other visitors, coming in, saw only the horses running, the truck behind them, before the horses were gone, all hopes of their enjoyment of that band gone.

That kind of thing makes me sad and angry. Respectful visits not only benefit individuals at the time but all those who come later …

Boreas and family

15 05 2011

Here are some pix of Boreas and his family. He was still so new to the world that when daddy Chrome woke him up from his nap, he was a little confused about which big body he belonged to. But mama Two Boots got him sorted out, and all was fine.

Big brother Rio greets his little brother.

Hayden was fascinated by the little guy, who wasn’t at all intimidated by the big red boy!

The little guy checked everyone out while mama hovered a little anxiously.

Two Boots’ oldest son is out on his own (that’s Cuatro, 2), but here she is with her other two boys. I love capturing these families … so important to the horses.

And there he goes, our little baby-god of the north wind … marching into the sky.

Greetings, new!

15 05 2011

‘Twas a charmed visit, my friends! Three glorious days with my beloved mustangs … transcended to heaven, was I. Let me show you what I mean (prepare ye for extreme cuteness overload):

Meet Boreas, son of Two Boots and Chrome. I didn’t expect to meet him this week … in fact, of the mares due, Two Boots was pushing the edge of that. In another fact, she’s about a week early with this little mister – not that I’m complaining! I found them almost as soon as I drove into the basin. I’m sure the little was born earlier that morning. Boreas is the Greek god of the north wind, and there’s some interesting equine mythology associated with him.

No name yet for this little girl, the daughter of Mahogany and Sundance. As it turns out, Sundance finally lost Mahogany to Aspen between the time I took this pic and the next morning. He’s cut and bruised and sore, but he’ll be OK. She looks a lot like Briosa. A long-time theory I held was that Piedra was possibly Mahogany’s daughter … like daughter, like granddaughter? (I have to say, though, that neither Sage nor Tenaz look anything like any of Mahogany’s other offspring). As last year seemed to be the year for bay babies, so far we have two sorrels (that I think will stay sorrel), a silver buckskin and a few brownish to darkish foals that will turn grey, one black that I think is true black – oh yeah, and this next big boy! – our first bay of this year:

This strapping big boy is Raven’s and Kreacher’s son – his second-born (Shane (dam: Mona) is his firstborn), but it appears he’ll be the first Kreacher will raise in his band (Mona and Shane have been with Seven since Shane was born; Corona, who is not Kreacher’s daughter, was with Duke the first six months of her life). Raven is extremely protective of this big guy, but she allowed me to spend a wonderful evening with the family soaking in the gorgeous sunshine.

Meet Kestrel’s and Comanche’s daughter. Comanchero got a lot of practice with his adored stepdaughter, Winona, but this little angel-girl is his firstborn. Claude Steelman saw her Monday, the day of her birth, and let me know, so I was eagerly anticipating meeting her! I’ll tell you something, this baby is a genuine tree-hugging earth muffin! She apparently LOVES trees! Nearly every time I saw her, she was checking out some tree or other, whether it was green and alive or dead and fallen. In the pix to come, check out how often she’s surrounded by trees.

Are they fantastic?! Of course they are!!!!!!!!

They were all born between Monday and Thursday (which I know thanks to visits and reports by Claude and a group from Telluride that included four children on Mother’s Day!). Names and more photos are coming!

The Four Corners Back Country Horsemen held their annual wild horse count this weekend, and we were blessed with mostly gorgeous weather. Saturday saw the advance of slightly stormy skies, but it was really beautiful. The count is one way the 4CBCH helps managers of San Juan Public Lands with observances and projects to benefit the vast geography we call home here in Southwest Colorado. We were fortunate to welcome Tom Rice, associate manager of the Dolores Public Lands Office, and his wife, Kelly, to ride with the group of horsemen who set out Saturday in search of horses. We are most grateful for their involvement.