23 10 2011

We have a lot of greys in Spring Creek Basin. You might have noticed. 🙂

That likely goes back to a couple of stallions introduced in the 1990s (as the pintos come from the pinto stallion introduced with them): Mr. Ed and Miguel.

In any case, it makes them easy to spot in the grand expanse of the basin (except during winter!), but depending on distance and who I can see of their band, identification sometimes has to wait for a closer look. This was the case when I saw Seven last week. I was pretty sure it was him … but where was his band? Nearby, another light grey … that quickly became identifiable by the horses with him: Hayden, Winona, Terra.

But it wasn’t until I walked out to where I could see better that I realized Seven’s band was not with him … and that Aspen had to have them.

He seems to be taking it all in stride, though he was fairly close to Chrome’s band.

Terra and Chrome. Seven was out of sight over the rise of land to the far right.

Winona (1) and Hayden (2). Winona is a feisty little thing, and she is jealous of her proximity to Terra – woe to Hayden should he try to get between them.

Traveler’s son Hayden.

Kestrel’s beautiful daughter, Luna’s granddaughter Winona.

She found the perfect little stump to satisfy an itch.

Traveler’s 2-year-old daughter, Terra – half-sister to Hayden.

She does have her mother’s ears – all the better to hear you with! 🙂 Chrome in back.

They came to nap under a juniper … until Seven came into view and everything went into motion.


Hayden looking at the stranger. He’s already getting pretty fuzzy.

They’ve left their tree, and the youngsters are bunching up while Chrome walks ahead …

Chrome observing Seven with his band – Hayden, Terra and Winona – safely behind him (or so he thinks).

He went trotting out to greet Seven, but when his precocious young fillies and Hayden all came right with him, he had to break off and let Seven go to keep them from getting into the mix! I didn’t have a clear view of everything that happened from down the hill, and to stay out of whatever dynamic ensued, I decided visiting hours were up for the time being.

Hayden under the tree. He has daddy’s sharp little ears.

As I was walking away, one last look at Winona, looking at the stranger.

And Chrome looking, earlier, when he was in front of his band.

The next day, Chrome’s band was still in the general area, but Seven had gone way east.



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23 10 2011
Nicole vinson

I know the lady that delivered Mr.ed and got the story on him. Pretty sad. Just neat you mentioned him.

23 10 2011

Delivered him here … or to Little Book Cliffs? Sad outcome for all those boys …

23 10 2011
Nicole vinson

Delivered to little book. She said she felt horrible because it was like she delivered him to his death. It really upsets her still

23 10 2011
Jan Eaker

For those of us not familiar with the story of Mr. Ed, et al, could you elaborate a bit,
gorgeous horses and pictures,

24 10 2011

I’m not sure about all the details, and I didn’t even know about Mr. Ed at Little Book Cliffs until a couple of years ago. At least a couple of the stallions – Mr. Ed and/or Miguel, particularly, apparently, kept leaving the basin – with mares/looking for mares? I think that must have been part of the reason for relocating them out of Spring Creek Basin. Mr. Ed was taken to Little Book Cliffs … where he was later found shot (I don’t even know how much later?). Miguel went to a sanctuary (private, I think), where he bled out and died during gelding. Spook (the original Spook – the pinto stallion) was found by an NMA/CO member, shot along the fence, along the Disappointment Road.

Nicole, there’s no way that lady could have known what would happen. What she did, she did for his well-being … as it could have happened here, when he was out wandering (or any other time) …

25 10 2011
Jan Eaker

Thanks TJ, that is a sad ending for those boys,

24 10 2011

That’s a sad story. I was reading a blog about an HMA in Utah and he had found a couple of horses shot too. That’s horrible! I can’t imagine why anyone would want to shoot a beautiful horse that’s not hurting anyone. 😦

Thanks for the pics and updates of Chrome and Seven. I’m particularly fond of these two. Looks like the horses are starting to get fuzzy for Winter. I hope you see Poco and Roach soon!

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